coronavirus covid-19 illustration file photo cdc dark background

This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the structure of the novel coronavirus. The illness caused by this virus is COVID-19.

The number of people in Lancaster County hospitalized with COVID-19 rose to 111 Friday, up from 79 a week ago, according to data from the state Department of Health. 

Hospitalizations climbed above 100 for the first time in more than two weeks on Thursday following an increase in COVID-19 cases in the county. As of Nov. 17, Lancaster is averaging about 201 new cases a day countywide, up from 177 on Nov. 10.

COVID-19 patients on ventilators numbered 20 as of Nov. 19, the most since Oct. 22. 

Unvaccinated patients comprise more than three quarters of the 75 COVID-19 patients at Lancaster General and all 11 of its COVID-19 patients on ventilators, according to the hospital’s online data.

Hospitalizations hit a fall peak of 122 on Oct. 9, while the seven-day case average reached about 258 per day the day before.

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