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Columbia Borough historical

The Historical Architectural Review Board of Columbia Borough will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, in council chambers of Borough Hall, 308 Locust St., Columbia. Agenda items include:

- 330 Cherry St.: Thomas C. Metzger, owner. Replace existing aluminum siding on the facade of a frame house with new vinyl siding.

- 402 N. Second St.: Columbia Self Storage, owner; Hess Home Builders Inc., applicant. Construct a new 1 1/2-story frame office building to replace an existing trailer.

- 15 S. Third St.: Columbia Borough, owner; Hammel Associates Architects, applicant. Remove modern restroom doors and replace with new wooden door panels. Remove three existing windows facing Avenue I and install new metal louvers for kitchen and HVAC equipment. Replace brick infill on two elevations with new recessed brick panels and new stone sills. Replace lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures. Install new condensing units adjacent to the building along Avenue I and within the rear parking lot. Install a new shed roof or awning on the Sadie Lane elevation. Reconstruct brick corner piers or towers at roofline on the facade.

Conestoga Valley School District

Conestoga Valley School District Board of Directors will meet at Monday, Oct. 14, at the administration center, 2110 Horseshoe Road. Among the agenda items:

- Commentary on district activity: (a) board comments.

- Action/discussion items: (a) student enrollment projections; (b) budgetary planning for 2020-21; (c) policy review: (i) Policy 004, membership; (ii) Policy 206, immunizations (recommended for deletion); (iii) Policy 206, immunizations and communicable diseases (new combined policies 206 and 207); (iv) Policy 207, communicable diseases (recommended for deletion); (v) Policy 209, health records and examinations; (d) Intermediate Unit contracts for professional development; (e) Gerald G. Huesken Middle School bids; (f) partnership agreement with North Museum; (g) proposal for commissioning and balancing.

- Review of board agenda: (a) tentative agenda Oct. 21.

East Hempfield Township supervisors

The East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the municipal building, 1700 Nissley Road, Landisville. Among the agenda items:

- Hearing: conditional use, 701 Stoney Battery Road (19-08-01)

- Consent agenda: (a) department reports: golf course, public works, development services, police, EMC; (b) 05-59-RFP2 Haydn Manor phase one, approve financial security reduction; (c) Pennscott Drive and Limestone Ridge, approve road maintenance agreement and total maintenance bond; (d) 18-06.02 601 Stony Battery Road, approve new property owner agreements: development, sewer easement, sidewalk installation deferral, stormwater management and operations and maintenance; (e) treasurer’s report for October 2019.

- Action items: (a) development services, 16-08.05 Lime Spring Square, phase five, approval of time extension request; (b) 04-63.03 LASA maintenance building; (c) 07-154.04 Dairy Road warehouse.

Manheim Township commissioners

Manheim Township commissioners will meet 6 p.m. Monday, October 14 at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. Among the agenda items:

- Department reports/announcements: (a) police department monthly report; (b) fire rescue monthly report.

- Public hearings/ presentations/ appointments: (a) Worthington planned residential development, revised conditional use request, Kincaid Avenue, zoned R-3.

- Consent agenda: (a) Calvary Fellowship Homes, preliminary/final land development and lot add-on plan, 502 Elizabeth Drive, zoned institutional and T-4 overlay, financial security reduction No. 2; (b) Spring Haven, final subdivision/land development plan, Buch Avenue and Raleigh Drive, zoned R-1, financial security reduction No. 4; (e) 1150 E. Oregon Road, stormwater management plan, 1150 E. Oregon Road, zoned agricultural, financial security reduction No. 1; (f) Springhill Suites, preliminary/final lot add-on and land development plan, 720 Enterprise Way, zoned B-4 and D-R overlay, extension of time.

- Resolutions: Resolution 2019-39, approving the merger of the Neffville Community Fire Company No. 1 into Manheim Township.

- Ordinances: Ordinance 2019-13, providing for amendments to Schedule I-K, restrictions on truck traffic, and Schedule II-A, parking prohibited at all times.

- Motions/decisions: Manheim Township Soccer Club, stormwater management plan, 2254 Baset Drive, zoned R-2, modification requests.

- Acknowledgments: Lancaster Country Club, zoning ordinance text amendment petition, add country clubs as special exception use in the R-1, R-2, R-3 and I-1, I-3 zoning districts and add a definition for country clubs.

Manheim Township planning

The Manheim Township Planning Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. Among the agenda items:

- Subdivision/land development plan: (a) Stoner Farms, preliminary subdivision and land development plan, 1051 Eden Road, zoned R-2 with transfer of development rights option; (b) Irwin and Weinhold Holdings LLC, preliminary/final land development plan, 151 Koser Road, zoned I-1 and D-A overlay.

Lancaster city planning

The Lancaster City Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 16, has been canceled. The next meeting is planned for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6, in City Hall, 120 N. Duke St., in the first-floor commission room, City Hall annex, East Marion Street entrance.

Lancaster Township planning

The Lancaster Township Planning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, the municipal building, 1240 Maple Ave. Among the agenda items:

- Stormwater management plans: LTPC 291, 1780 Wabank Road, stormwater management site plan, action item.

- The next meeting will be Nov. 19 at 7 p.m.

Lancaster Township supervisors

The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. for the workshop, followed by the regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, at the municipal building, 1240 Maple Ave. Among the agenda items:

- Workshop: department updates.

- Public hearing: to review past performance of cable operator, Comcast, and identify future cable-related community needs of the township.

- Regular meeting: secretary’s report, treasurer’s report, payment of bills, other reports.

- Announcements: (a) Oct. 7. executive session was held to discuss a contract; (b) Oct. 14 road tour for potential paving projects; (c) Oct. 15 yard waste facility hours change, 2-5 p.m., and leaf collection begins on signed streets; (d) Oct. 30 trash bills due; (e) Oct. 31 trick or treat night, 6-8 p.m.; (f) Nov. 4-7 large appliance/tire collection week, purchase tags at the township office.

- Planning and zoning business: (a) request to delay increasing financial security for Hawthorne Ridge final subdivision and land development an agreement to amend the existing stormwater management operations and maintenance agreement for 1523 Marietta Ave.; (b) extension of time request for land development plan for 640 Bean Hill Road; (c) final land development plan for 640 Bean Hill Road.

- New business: (a) requesting the township planning committee to prepare text ordinance for consideration of rezoning of 640 Bean Hill Road; (b) the issuance by Elizabethtown Industrial Development Authority of a certificate of approval for Lancaster Country Day School; (c) a request to confirm Joann Jones as special fire police for the Lancaster Township Fire Department.

Lancaster County planning

The Lancaster County Planning Commission will meet at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 150 N. Queen St., Binns Park annex, first floor meeting rooms. Among the agenda items:

- Postponed community planning reviews: (a) No. 1-51, Adamstown Borough, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance by amending Chapter 320, zoning, to include apartment buildings as a permitted use in the highway commercial district to include dimensional and density requirements for apartment buildings in the highway commercial district, and to include parking requirements for apartments in the highway commercial district; (b) No. 29-237A, East Hempfield Township, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance involving the definitions and permitted zones for beekeeping; (c) No. 29-240A, East Hempfield Township, (i) proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance to provide for purposes related to the adoption of the amendments; (ii) to provide for definitions; (iii) establishing certain general and specific standards relating to the location, placement, construction and maintenance of wireless facilities, small cell wireless facilities, and macrocell wireless facilities; (iv) providing further for the regulation of such facilities within the public rights of way and outside the public rights of way; (v) providing for the enforcement of said regulations; (vi) and providing for an effective date; (d) No. 29-243, East Hempfield Township, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance involving the definitions and permitted zones for livestock.

- Postponed subdivision and land development plan items, advisory reviews: (a) No. 65-126-1, 807 Furnace Hills Pike, Warwick Township; (b) No. 75-28-2, B&B Transportation, Brecknock Township; (c) No. 79-174A, John E. Kauffman II, Colerain Township; (d) No. 79-255-1C, Denver Wholesale Foods, Ephrata Township; (e) No. 82-51C, Donald L. Ranck, Paradise Township; (f) No. 82-273-1C, John K. Glick, Bart Township; (g) No. 93-112-1, Sheetz in Willow Street, West Lampeter Township; (h) No. 01-70-1C, Warwick Stadium, campus improvements, Warwick Township and Lititz Borough; (i) No. 04-8-6, Stadium Row, Lancaster city; (j) No. 07-37-1, Emanuel K. and Rachel J. Lapp, Caernarvon Township; (k) No. 19-41, the Myers Partnership, Pequea Township; (l) No. 19-42, William M. Hess, Penn Township; (m) No. 19-43, Oregon Pike Motors, West Earl Township.

- New community planning reviews: (a) No. 5-47, Caernarvon Township, proposed rezoning of approximately 10.5 acres located on the north side of Spring Hollow Road from residential to agricultural; (b) No. 50-89, Penn Township, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance to revise definitions, clarify procedures relating to certain uses and revise applicability of the form-based code.

- Subdivision and land development plan item, advisory reviews: (a) No. 68-74C, Amos G. Riehl, Leacock Township; (b) No. 71-8-1B, Pequea Mennonite School, Salisbury Township; (c) No. 72-260-13, John Huyard, Conoy and West Donegal townships; (d) No. 73-132-10, Brethren Village site improvements, Manheim Township; (e) No. 74-469-1, Radio Road, Mount Joy Township; (f) No. 76-38-5, LS Steel Inc., Salisbury Township; (g) No. 76-86-4A, LB Water Service, Ephrata Township; (h) No. 78-527-1E, phases four and five of Conoy Crossing, Elizabethtown Borough and West Donegal Township; (i) No. 82-134B, Eli S. Beiler, West Earl Township; (j) No. 83-21-1, 665 Hopeland Road, Clay Township; (k) No. 85-278-1A, Julie A. Hocking, Akron Borough; (l) No. 89-207-9, Elizabethtown Road Self-Storage LLC, Mount Joy Township; (m) No. 91-136-1A, White Horse Business Center, Salisbury Township; (n) No. 00-6-2, Linden Hall residence hall, Lititz Borough; (o) No. 01-127-3D, Lime Spring Square phase four (Lot 7), East Hempfield Township; (p) No. 05-40-2, Rhoads Energy, Quarryville Borough; (q) No. 19-44, Weaver and Jeffries, Upper Leacock Township; (r) No.19-45, Amos and Rebecca King, East Earl Township.

- The next scheduled meeting: Oct. 28.

West Lampeter Township supervisors

The West Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14 at the municipal building, 852 Village Road, Lampeter. Among the agenda items:

- Planning matters: (a) request final release of letter of credit, Willow Valley/ Harnish Farm/ Providence Park; (b) request for partial release of letter of credit, Summer Breeze; (c) time extension request, Sheetz.

- Monthly reports: (a) treasurer’s report; (b) Public Works Department report; (c) police department report; (d) Community Development Department report; (e) township manager’s report.

- Township administrative matters: (a) Ordinance 255, shared fuel facility and intergovernmental cooperation agreement with Lampeter-Strasburg School District; (b) award Groff Farm waste storage structure contract.

Warwick Township supervisors

The Warwick Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Warwick Township Municipal Building, 315 Clay Road, Lititz. Among the agenda items:

- Communications: (a) Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors bulletin; (b) Rothsville Fire Company; (c) Nancy Marshall, Lititz Run Road; (d) Lititz Rec Center.

- Subdivision/related business: (a) consider the H Tract lot add-on, prepared by Diehm & Sons, dated May 22; (b) consider conditional use decision for Warwick Crossing project.

- Old business: (a) discuss schedule for adoption for 2020 fiscal budget; (b) Attendance at Lancaster County Association of Township Supervisors fall convention; (c) discuss building maintenance options.

- New business: (a) consider appointing Mike LaSala on the Warwick Township Municipal Authority; (b) consider request from Lititz Bikeworks for Cranksgiving Bike Ride on Nov. 2.

- Executive session: personnel-labor negotiations.

- Next meeting: Nov. 6 at 7 a.m.

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