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Conestoga Valley School District

Conestoga Valley School District Board of Directors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, at the administration center, 2110 Horseshoe Road. Among the agenda items:

  • Action/discussion items: (a) review of local independent audit (2018-19), BBID LLP; (b) 2020-21 budget process: debt service and delinquent real estate tax addendum; (c) superintendent’s report; (d) review of following policies: (1) meetings, (2) student accident insurance, (3) reporting student progress, (4) assessment of student progress and (5) threats; (e) Biztown estimate with junior achievement; (f) change orders for stage refinishing at Brownstown Elementary; (g) PlanCon H; (h) Geotech selection for new middle school construction.
  • Review board agenda: Tentative agenda for Nov. 18.
  • Board matters: (a) board initiatives; (b) appointment of nominating committee.

Hempfield School District

The Hempfield School District School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, at the administration building, public board room, 200 Church St., Landisville. Among the agenda items:

  • Mental health screening presentation.
  • District data update.
  • Anticipated approval of collective bargaining agreement.

Lancaster City Council

Lancaster City Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, in council chambers, City Hall annex, 120 N. Duke St., Marion St. entrance. Among the agenda items:

  • Report of Nov. 4 Committees of Council meeting: (a) Public Safety Committee, Councilor Pete Soto; (b) Public Works Committee, Councilor John Graupera; (c) Economic Development Committee, Councilor Faith Craig; (d) Finance Committee, Councilor Chris Ballentine; (e) Community Planning Committee, Councilor Ismail Smith-Wade-El; (f) Personnel Committee, Councilor Janet Diaz.
  • Legislative agenda: (a) heritage conservation and historic districts to consider the following applications and recommendations from the Historical Commission and Historical Architectural Review Board for improvements to properties within the heritage conservation and historic districts: (a) Lancaster Parking Authority, owner of 151 N. Queen St., proposes construction of a new six-story parking garage, to include a two-story library and commercial space. (This application was recommended for denial by Historical Commission.); (b) Jessica Rodgers, owner of 301 E. Orange St., requests to install asphalt shingles on the roof of a modern rear porch; (c) Matthew and Erin Bupp, owners of 334 E. Orange St., request removal of an entry door hood and installation of a new exterior light fixture. Both applications were recommended for approval by the Historical Architectural Review Board.
  • Ordinances for first reading: (a) Administration Bill No. 16-2019, appropriates funds of unbudgeted property sale proceeds for the renovations of city-owned properties as storage space.
  • Resolutions: (a) Administration Resolution No. 61-2019, authorizing acceptance of a state Department of Transportation Green-Light Go grant; (b) Administration Resolution No. 62-2019, requesting a Multimodal Transportation Fund grant for neighborhood transportation improvements; (c) Council Resolution No. 63-2019, reappointing Rudy DeLaurentis to the Zoning Hearing Board for a three-year term; (d) Administration Resolution No. 64-2019, appointing the accounting firm of Maher Duessel to provide the city’s independent financial audit for 2019-21.

Lancaster City Traffic Commission

Lancaster City Traffic Commission will meet at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, at council chambers, 120 N. Duke St., Among the agenda items:

  • Old business: (a) No. 21-2018, consider the request from Andrew Whalen to address safety concerns for the following intersections: (1) North Plum and East Ross streets, (2) North Plum and East Clay streets, (3) North Plum Street, East New Street and Park Avenue, (4) North Plum and East Frederick streets, (5) North Shippen and East Frederick streets, and (6) North Plum and East New streets; (b) No. 61-2019, consider the request from Cat Calhoun to address making East Frederick Street a one-way; (c) No. 66-2019, consider the request from Adam Schaeffer to discuss traffic flow in the Sunnyside peninsula and the upcoming development plans; (d) No. 67-2019, consider the request from Dale Stewart to install a four-way stop sign at High and Pearl streets; (e) No. 78-2019, consider the request from Brian Gish to discuss the need for a four-way stop sign at Second and Pearl streets due to poor visibility; (f) No. 79-2019, consider the request from Jessica Mastriania requesting speed limit signs, streetlight and signs for kids playing to help with safety in the area of George and Ruby streets; (g) No. 83-2019, consider the request from Nina Moragne to make a recommendation for flashing school zone lights in the area of South Queen and Farnum streets; (h) No. 89-2019, consider the request from Adriana Afencio to discuss pedestrian safety at North Reservoir and East Orange streets.
  • New business, consent agenda: (a) No. 92-2019, the following handicapped signs have been installed: 149 N. Pine St.; 142 Juniata St.; 507 E. King St.; 325 Hazel St.; 721 Fourth St.; 918 N. Duke St.; 772 Emerald Drive; 26 E. Liberty St.; 451 Juniata St.; 314 S. Marshall St.; 137 Prospect St.; 58 Green St.; 364 S. Ann St.; 123 Howard Ave.; 613 Lehigh Ave.; 933 High St.; 238 W. Chestnut St.; 329 Hazel St. (rear on Groff); and 205 W. King St.; (b) No. 93-2019, the following handicapped signs have been removed: 721 E. Orange St.; 13 E. Filbert St.; 146 E. New St.; 616 New Holland Ave.; 39 S. W. End Ave.; (c) No. 94-2019, the following signs have been installed: 200 block of Steven Avenue, day and nighttime residential permit parking; 300 block of South Marshall Street, day and nighttime residential permit parking; 201 W. Vine St., load zone; (d) No. 95-2019, the following permits have been issued by LPA: 23 N. Lime St., No. 2 (conditional); 63 S. Marshall St., No. 2 (conditional); 12 S. Ann St., No. 3 (conditional); 34 E. James St. No. 3 (conditional); 26 E. Walnut St., No. 2 (conditional); 139 College Ave., No. 1 (conditional).
  • New business, action agenda: (a) No. 96-2019, consider the request from Fatima Crew to address safety for schoolchildren in the area of Susquehanna and Juniata streets, Crew would like to request a stop sign; (b) No. 97-2019, consider the request from Jaylan Martin to eliminating permit parking on the even side of the first block of New Dorwart Street; (c) No. 98-2019, consider the request from Jason Wolfe, C. S. Davidson Inc., to discuss the plans for North Duke Street and the Lancaster County Public Library; (d) No. 99-2019, consider the request from Benjamin Morton, project designer, to discuss a proposal for access drives, on-street parking and a traffic study/pedestrian safety analysis.

Lancaster County commissioners

Lancaster County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 150 N. Queen St., Seventh Floor, Conference Room No. 701. Among the agenda items:

  • New business: (a) presentation of Small Business Saturday proclamation; (b) Ordinance No. 142, issuance of the county’s general obligation bonds, Series A of 2019; (c) Resolution No. 68 of 2019, behavioral health/development services budget adjustments; (d) Resolution No. 69 of 2019, behavioral health/development services budget adjustments; (e) behavioral health/development services, amended agreement for fiscal year 2019-20; (f) Resolution No. 70-2019, 2020 schedule, commissioners’ work sessions and meetings; (g) amendment to voluntary agreement with Pleasant View Retirement Community; (h) Department of Parks and Recreation, amended residential leases; (i) Department of Parks and Recreation, amended farm leases; (j) Department of Parks and Recreation, facilities easement agreement; (k) facilities management, Big Conestoga 4A Bridge; (l) Children and Youth Agency and/or Office of Juvenile Probation, agreement for fiscal years 2018-19 and 2019-20; (m) Agricultural Preserve Board, agreements of sale of agricultural conservation easements; (n) appointment of assistant county solicitor.

Lancaster County planning

The Lancaster County Planning Commission will meet at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 150 N. Queen St., Binns Park annex, first floor meeting rooms. Among the agenda items:

  • New planning matters for discussion and action: (a) community planning reviews: (1) No. 29-244, East Hempfield Township, proposed amendment to the zoning map by rezoning from the “VR” village residential zone to the “VC” village commercial zone for the properties located at 2115 and 2119 Marietta Ave.; (2) No. 39-264, Manheim Township, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance to add Section 503A definition of country club; add country club as a special exception use in the R-1 and I-1 and 3 zoning districts; and establish certain criteria for the country club use; (3) No. 48-23, New Holland Borough, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance relating to signs; (4) No. 49-48, Paradise Township, proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance and the official zoning map and comprehensive plan in order to create the Railroad Heritage Zoning District and change the zoning classification of certain tracts of land from the Agricultural Zoning District to the Railroad Heritage Zoning District; (b) subdivision and land development plan items, advisory reviews: (1) No. 68-150-1B, Pequea Lane, Leacock Township; (2) No. 71-354-2, Heat and Control Inc., East Hempfield Township; (3) No. 78-260B, West Woods Drive Subdivision, Warwick Township; (4) No. 79-386-1, Smucker Properties, East Lampeter Township; (5) No. 80-40-1, Mersky Tract, Strasburg Township; (6) No. 05-49-1. Maple Grove Park Development Corp./Beachy Annexation Subdivision, Brecknock Township; (7) No. 19-46, E2 Property Investments, LLC Lancaster City; (8) No. 19-47, Turftime Equipment (Cleason & Grace Zimmerman), Earl Township.
  • Next meeting: Nov. 25.

Lancaster Township supervisors

The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, followed by the regular meeting at 7 p.m. at the municipal building, 1240 Maple Ave. Among the agenda items:

  • Workshop agenda: Lancaster EMS presentation, department updates.
  • Public hearing: Ordinance 2019-02, vacating portion of Riverside Avenue.
  • Announcements: (a) Nov. 23, last Saturday for yard waste drop off; (b) Nov. 27, yard waste facility closes; (c) Nov. 28, no trash/recycle collection; collection will be Friday, Nov. 29; (d) office closed Nov. 28-29.
  • Planning and zoning business: the board will act on the following: Conestoga Reserve Amendment to stormwater management agreement and declaration of easement; stormwater management site plan for 1780 Wabank Road.
  • New business: presentation of 2020 proposed budget.

Manheim Township commissioners

Manheim Township commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. Among the agenda items:

  • Public hearings/presentations/appointments: (a) presentation by Manheim Township Ambulance Association; (b) 2020 budget presentation; (c) public hearing, proposed franchise agreement between Manheim Township and Comcast.
  • New business: (a) consent agenda: (1) Eagle View Amish School, preliminary/final land development plan, 234 Bushong Road, zoned R-1, financial security release; (2) The Sandwich Factory, preliminary/final subdivision and land development plan, 2520 Lititz Pike, zoned B-2 and R-3, financial security release; (3) Settlements East, revised final phase, subdivision and land development plan, Landis Valley Road, zoned R-2, financial security reduction No. 1; (4) Parkside Reserve, preliminary subdivision/land development plan, Petersburg Road, zoned R-1, extension of time request; (b) motions: (1) Overlook Town Center, final Phase II and III subdivision and land development plan, Grand Street and Town Boulevard, zoned B-3 and D-R overlay; (2) Stoner Farm, preliminary subdivision and land development plan, 1051 Eden Road, zoned R-2; (3) bid award for snow removal equipment rental; (c) acknowledgments: (1) engineering and traffic study to post a 25 mph speed zone on Hollywood Drive; (2) engineering and traffic study to post stop signs at Jackson and North Water streets; (3) proposed ordinance 2019-15: dedication of streets.

Manheim Township planning

The Manheim Township Planning Commission will meet at noon Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. Among the agenda items:

  • Subdivision/land development plan: (a) Belmont Lot 3, preliminary/final lot add-on and land development plan, Fruitville Pike and Belwyck Boulevard, zoned R-3 and T-4; (b) Sterling Center, preliminary/final land development land, East Roseville Road, zoned B-1.
  • Roadway Vacation: Riverside Avenue, Roadway Vacation petition.
  • Text amendment: Lancaster Country Club, zoning ordinance text amendment petition.

West Lampeter Township supervisors

The West Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, at the municipal building, 852 Village Road, Lampeter. Among the agenda items:

  • Monthly reports: (a) treasurer; (b) public works department; (c) police department; (d) community development department; (e) township manager.
  • Township administration matters: (a) award contract for village road improvements, general site; (b) authorize to bid Village Park electrical project; (c) Resolution No. 17-2019, Green Light-Go application; (d) Resolution No. 18-2019, transportation alternative program funding; (e) Resolution No. 19-2019, application for highway occupancy permit/traffic signal, Sheetz, at Long Lane, Beaver Valley and Willow Street pikes; (f) award professional services contract, right of way acquisition subconsultant, Gypsy Hill and Long Rifle Road project; (g) Resolution No. 20-2019, support and urge Lancaster County commissioners to fund Lancaster County Drug Task Force.