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Conestoga Valley School District

Conestoga Valley school board will virtually meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the administration center, 2110 Horseshoe Road. Instructions to attend will appear 10 minutes prior to start time: visit Among the agenda items:

Commentary on district activity: (a) board commendations; (b) superintendent’s comment; (c) correspondence-secretary; (d) board comments; (e) student representative report; (f) annual report from Buckskin Activity Alliance.

Public/professional/staff input: (a) student report, Fritz Elementary; (b) comments from Conestoga Valley Education Association; (c) comments from other employee group; (d) public comments.

Consent agenda: approval of: (a) minutes of the Nov. 9 and 16 meetings; (b) financial reports; (c) superintendent’s report; (d) first reading of district policies; (e) second (and final) reading of district policies; (f) IDEA Part B funds agreement with Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13; (g) IU13 agreement for English as a second language services for Lancaster County Career & Technology Center students; (h) service contract with Clark Service Group to service athletic department and ice machines.

Action/discussion agenda: (a) budget; (b) proposal for real estate consulting services for The Shop at Rockvale; (c) new course proposal for 2021-22; (d) 2020 Act 136 (SB 1216); (e) letter of attestation; (f) appointment of architect for renovation of current Gerald G. Huesken Middle School.

Information agenda: (a) finance and operations report; (b) curriculum and instructions report; (c) pupil service report; (d) federal funds.

Board reports: (a) IU13 reports; (b) Pennsylvania School Boards Association reports; (c) Lancaster County Academy; (d) Lancaster County Career & Technology Center; (e) construction team update.

Public comments.

Board matters.

East Hempfield Township supervisors

The East Hempfield Township supervisors will virtually and in-person meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16. Virtual access using Zoom: or by phone: 646-558-8656 or 301-715-8592, using meeting ID: 882 1614 7599, 277973. Registration to attend required; call 717-898-3100, ext. 241; Masks required. Among the agenda items:

Hearing: Liquor license transfer to 7-Eleven (State Road).

Consent agenda: (a) department reports: golf course, public works, development services, police, EMC; (b) D. L. Holding’s final plan (13-26.03), 2213 Leacock Road, approve release of all project’s financial security; (c) Haydn Manor Phase 1 final plan (05-59-FP) Miller Road, approve financial security reduction No. 6; (d) Lititz Pike Associates final plan (18-09.02), 606 Community Way, approve full release of project’s financial security; (e) Traditions of America Phase 2 final plan (18-04.07), Miller Road, approve memorandum of understanding and financial security agreement, stormwater management operation and maintenance agreement and establish project’s financial security and stormwater management fees; (f) treasurer’s report for November covering all funds; (g) invoices from all funds covering Dec. 5-18; (h) approval of minutes for Dec. 2.

Action items: (a) development Services; (b) CM High, traffic signal contract for maintenance services 2021; (c) proposals to acquire right of way for Farmingdale long-term improvements; (d) employment severance agreement for Terri Morton, Four Season banquet manager.

Old business: McMahon report out on Farmingdale Road long-term improvement, township wide bridge plan, level of funding.

New business.

Traffic commission report.

Development services/projects update.

Manager’s report/board group report out.

Lancaster City Council

Lancaster City Council will virtually meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15. Instructions to attend visit Among the agenda items:

Ordinances for final passage: Administration Bill No. 18-2020, amending Chapter 67 of the City Code to increase to two years the probationary period for new police officers.

Resolutions: Administration Resolution No. 63-2020, setting solid waste and recycling fees for 2021; Administration Resolution No. 64-2020, setting stormwater management fees for 2021.

Lancaster city planning

The Lancaster City Planning Commission meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, has been canceled. The next meeting will virtually meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 6. Information for joining the virtual meeting will be posted on the website no later than one hour prior to start time:

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center’s Joint Operating Committee will virtually meet at 7 p.m., Monday, Dec. 14. To attend, visit Among the agenda items:

Director’s report: (a) committee minutes; (b) local, state and federal projects; (c) 2021 Joint Operating Committee meeting schedule; (d) General Advisory Committee report; (e) health and safety plan modification.

Personnel committee: (a) recommendations for approval of resignations, retirements and appointments; (b) elimination of grant funded positions due to transfer of program YWCA.

Building and property committee: updates on facility projects; approval of building and property committee report.

Planning and development committee: (a) transition of New Choices to YWCA, Dec. 31; (b) comprehensive plan, professional development committee; (c) private licensed school, district education application; (d) articulations; (e) enrollment; (f) in-service updates.

Finance committee: (a) presentation, proposed 2021-22 general fund and audit education budgets; (b) financial reports; (c) permission to purchase/bid and award bids; (d) 2019-20 district reconciliation of funds; (e) transportation contract; (f) reappointment of solicitor and auditor; (g) Public Safety Training Center lease renewal; (h) termination of partnership agreement with Pet Pantry.

Policy committee: (a) second reading and approval of COVID-related policy updates and series 200 policies; (b) first reading of series 600 policies and COVID-related policy updates.

Old business: Joint Operating Committee member representative for school wellness committee.

The next scheduled meeting of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center Joint Operating Committee will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 28 virtually or at the Willow Street campus.

Lancaster County commissioners

Lancaster County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 150 N. Queen St., seventh floor, conference room No. 701. Among the agenda items:

Reannouncement: The county’s proposed 2021 budget is available for public inspection and is scheduled for adoption at the county commissioners’ meeting at 9:15 a.m. Dec. 23 at the Lancaster County Government Center.

New business: (a) Ordinance No. 146, reestablishing a planning commission and establishing a planning department; (b) Resolution No. 101 of 2020, request to terminate the Lancaster County Transportation Authority; (c) planning department, amendments to master agreement and work order with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; (d) Resolution No. 102 of 2020, planning department budget adjustment; (e) Resolution No. 103 of 2020, Small Business Recovery and Sustainability grant awards, Phase 3B; (f) Resolution No. 104 of 2020, approval of local operating financial match for state funds; (g) Resolution No. 105 of 2020, approval of construction costs for Dauphin County Bridge No. 56 and Lancaster County Conewago Bridge No. 1; (h) Resolution No. 106 of 2020, CARES Act funds budget adjustments for the Spanish American Civic Association and Thaddeus Steven College workforce development project; (i) adult probation and parole services, service contract agreement and license and professional services agreement; (j) Department of Parks and Recreation, approval of final lot add-on plan for Yogi Bear’s Yellowstone Park/land swap and authorization for chief clerk as signatory.

Lancaster County housing

Lancaster County Housing Authority board will virtually meet at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, followed by the Lancaster Redevelopment Authority board. To attend the Zoom meeting, email or visit Among the agenda items:

New business: resolution adopting a schedule of meetings for 2021.

Other business: The next meeting of the board will be held at approximately 4:30 p.m. Jan. 26.

Lancaster County Land Bank Authority

The Lancaster County Land and Bank Authority will virtually meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15. To attend the Zoom meeting, email or visit Among the agenda items:

New business: (a) resolution amending September Resolution No. 6 of 2020 to now maintain property at 494 Manor St., Columbia, as a single-family owner-occupied unit; (b) resolution adopting a schedule of meetings for 2021.

Other business: The next meeting of the board will be held at 4 p.m. Jan. 26 via Zoom or at the offices of the Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities, 28 Penn Square, second floor, Suite 200.

Lancaster County planning

The Lancaster County Planning Commission will virtually meet at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14. Meeting will be held online using Lifesize App at; or 312-584-2101, code 1696302#. Among the agenda items:

Community planning reviews: (a) No. 5-49, Caernarvon Township, proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance provide for medical marijuana dispensary facilities and medical marijuana growing/processing facilities in the MR and I zoning districts, associated regulations governing such uses, and establishing standards for conditional use approval; (b) No. 8-196, East Cocalico Township, proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to allow for farm occupations within the conservation and general commercial districts by special exception and further amending Article IV specific use criteria.

Subdivision and land development plan items: (a) No. 76-12-3, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, Breneman Road, Manor Township; (b) No. 78-550A, Aaron K. King, Leacock Township; (c) No. 86-304-2, Jason Avenue office building, Adamstown Borough; (d) No. 91-39-5, Steven K. Esh, Colerain Township; (e) No. 91-136-2, White Horse Machine LLC, Salisbury Township; (f) No. 93-112-2, 2421 Willow Street Pike, West Lampeter Township; (g) No. 99-146-1, Joas Daniel and Amanda B. Yoder, Bart Township; (h) No. 06-10C, Millstone Village, Lot 22 andLot 23, Brecknock Township; (i) No. 06-41-5, Grandview Strand, Manheim Township; (j) No. 20-50, Levi B. King, East Lampeter Township; (k) No. 20-51, 620 Sycamore Drive, West Hempfield Township; (l) No. 20-52, Paul F. Martin, Earl Township.

The next scheduled meeting will be held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 11.

Lancaster County redevelopment

The Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority will virtually meet Tuesday, Dec. 15, immediately following the 4:30 p.m. Lancaster County Housing Authority meeting. To attend the Zoom meeting, email or visit Among the agenda items:

Report of the executive director and rent relief wrap-up report by deputy executive director.

New business: resolution adopting a schedule of meetings for the 2021 year.

Other business: The next meeting of the board will be held Jan. 26 immediately following the meeting of the Lancaster County Housing Authority.

Lancaster Township planning

The Lancaster Township Planning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, at the Maple Grove Community Building, 1420 Columbia Ave. Among the agenda items:

Stormwater management plans: LTPC 188, Southern Village Phase II (Lot 262), post construction modification request, action item.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 19.

Lancaster Township supervisors

The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the Maple Grove Community Building, 1420 Columbia Ave. Among the agenda items:

Regular meeting: secretary’s report, treasurer’s report, payment of bills, other report.

Announcement: (a) final leaf collection will be Dec. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, weather permitting, (b) parking restrictions on signed streets remain in force through Jan. 15 to allow for sweeping; (c) office closed Dec. 24 and 25, Jan. 1 and 18, no change to refuse collection; (d) drop-off of real Christmas trees at the woody waste facility will be available Dec. 28 through Jan. 14, dawn to dusk; (e) curbside collection of real Christmas trees take place week of Jan 11-14 on your regular collection day; (f) next board meeting is Monday, Jan. 4, at 1420 Columbia Ave., check website for start time; (g) board of auditors are meeting 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 5, at 1240 Maple Ave.

Old business: Continued from the Nov. 9 meeting, the board will act on a subdivision plan including requested waivers, for River Drive Lot 2 B-A.

Planning and zoning business: The board will act on the following: (a) financial security reduction request for Southern Village Phase I; (b) financial security reduction for 1429 Marietta Ave.; (c) extension of time for stormwater management plan for Clark Residence River Drive Lot 2; (d) request for approval of stormwater management plan for 1213 Valley Road.

New business: The board will act on the following: (a) Res2020-15 tax levy for fiscal year 2021; (b) Res2020-16 annual budget for 2021; (c) Res2020-17 balance accounts for fiscal year 2020; (d) designating Conestoga Woods Roads (at Milford Drive) and Woodlyn Court as snow emergency routes as permitted under Ord2014-02, Section 263-4.A.; (e) request to change board meeting start time from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. beginning 2021.

Manheim Township commissioners

Manheim Township commissioners will virtually meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. For information to attend, visit Among the agenda items:

Commissioner liaison reports/announcements.

Public hearings/presentations/appointments: (a) fire rescue monthly report; (b) police department monthly report.

Consent agenda: (a) 251 Valley Road, stormwater management plan, zoned R-3, financial security release; (b) 286 Bushong Road, preliminary/final subdivision and stormwater management plan, zoned R-1, financial security release; (c) Stonemill Estates, final subdivision/land development plan, Petersburg and Weaver roads, zoned R-2, financial security reduction; (d) Stonehenge Estates, Tract 3, preliminary/final subdivision and land development plan, Koser and West Airport roads, zoned R-2 with TDR option, financial security reduction No. 2.

Resolutions: (a) Resolutions 2020-99 to 2020-114 appointing the following people to Police Advisory Committee: Moniqua M. Acosta; James R. Adams; Adam E. Hosey; Celso A Mesias; Jane E. Miron; Jack P. Paskoff; Ramos Luis Rivera; Steven E. Russell; Michael Tafelski; Savannah M. Thorpe; Robert Walker; Thomas Rudzinski, Manheim Township police chief; Natalie Littlehale, Manheim Township police officer; (b) Resolution 2020-116, fee resolution for 2021; (c) Resolution 2020-117, budget transfer; (d) Resolution 2020-118, establishing the police pension rate; (e) Resolution 2020-119, appointing Christopher Bickings as fire marshal; (f) Resolution 2020-120, appointing Tanner Bowers as a firefighter/EMT; (g) Resolution 2020-121, appointing Chad E. Hurst to the Agricultural/Farm Advisory Committee; (h) Resolution 2020-122, appointing Arthur E. Reist to the Agricultural/Farm Advisory Committee; (i) Resolution 2020-123, appointing Charles Blakinger to the Agricultural/Farm Advisory Committee; (j) Resolution 2020-124, appointing Nelson Rohrer to the Agricultural/Farm Advisory Committee; (k) Resolution 2020-125, appointing James Stephens to the zoning hearing board.

Ordinances: (a) Ordinance 2020-25, fire rescue cost recovery; (b) Ordinance 2020-26, adoption of the 2021 budget; (c) Ordinance 2020-27, traffic ordinance.

Motions: (a) reveal job description for township manager; (b) the advertisement and recruitment of an interim township manager; (c) Amos and Naomi King, 1050 E. Oregon Road, zoned agricultural, subdivision submission request; (d) Brethren Village site improvements, preliminary/final land development plan, 300 Lititz Pike, zoned institutional, modification request; (e) 305 Rumford Road, stormwater management plan, 350 Rumford Road, zoned R-1, modification requests; (f) Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee membership.

Acknowledgments: proposed Ordinance 2020-01, fire safety and emergency equipment inspections.

Manheim Township planning

The Manheim Township Planning Commission will virtually meet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, at the municipal building, 1840 Municipal Drive. Zoom meeting:; Meeting ID: 987 0023 4375; passcode: 646442; dial by your location +1 267 831 0333. Among the agenda items:

Subdivision/land development plans, old business: (a) 480 E. Oregon Road Self Storage Units, preliminary/final land development plan, 480 E. Oregon Road; (b) Stehli Silk Mill, preliminary/final land development plan, 701 Martha Ave., zoned I-1, T-6 overlay and historic overlay; (c) Lancaster Airport Transportation & Maintenance Facility, preliminary/final land development plan, 500 Airport Road, zoned I-3; (d) Granite Run Road office building, preliminary/final land development plans, 365 Carrera Drive, zoned I-1 and D-R overlay.

Subdivision/land development plans, new business: (a) Stoner Farm, final phase II and III subdivision and land development plan, 1051 Eden Road, zoned R-2; (b) Grandview Strand, preliminary subdivision and land development plan, 1251 New Holland Pike, zoned B-1, R-3 and T-4 overlay.

West Lampeter Township supervisors

The West Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the municipal building, 852 Village Road, Lampeter. Among the agenda items:

Presentation: proposed changes to Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA lease.

Planning matters: (a) preliminary land development plan, Meadia Heights Golfs, 402 Golf Road; (b) request for reduction in letters of credit: (1) Spring Meadow/Peony Road tract; (2) Stone Meadow; (3) SouthPointe at Lakes; (4) final release, Ronald & Joyce Leaman subdivision.

Monthly reports: (a) treasurer’s report; (b) public works department report; (c) police department report; (d) community development department report; (e) township manager’s report.

Township administration matters: (a) Resolution 14-2020, authorize acquisition right of way, Gypsy Hill and Long Rifle Road intersection improvements; (b) 2021 budget adoption; (c) Resolution 15-2020, setting real estate tax rate for 2021; (d) Resolution 16-2020, 2021 police pension plan contribution rate; (e) Resolution 17-2020, appoint deputy tax collector, Lancaster County treasurer.

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