Capital murder charges for convicted drug dealer

Prince Isaac

A man convicted of operating a violent multimillion-dollar cocaine and heroin ring here is in Chester County Prison awaiting trial on capital murder charges.

Prince C. "Boo" Isaac, 25, allegedly conspired with his half brother, Shamek Hynson, to kill Omar Reid on Oct. 18, 2004, at an apartment complex in Coatesville, according to court documents.

Chester County Assistant District Attorney Mark Conte said Friday that he plans to submit evidence from a Lancaster shooting at Isaac's trial.

Conte said a High Point 380 9-mm handgun belonging to Isaac was used to shoot a man named Ed Cameron about seven hours before the same weapon was used to kill Reid.

"Forensic evidence shows it is the same weapon used to shoot Reid and Cameron," Conte said.

Cameron, who survived the shooting, was targeted because his girlfriend owed money to the half brothers, Conte said.

Conte said Isaac and Hynson shot Reid in revenge for Reid shooting one of their relatives a year earlier, paralyzing him.

Reid was hit five times in the head and chest, according to court documents.

Isaac's trial is scheduled to start Feb. 17, but he has asked the judge to postpone the case.

Hynson also was charged with first-degree murder by Coatesville authorities in connection with the Reid homicide. The status of Hynson's prosecution was not available Friday.

Isaac is facing 16 charges, including five felonies. He is representing himself in the murder trial as he did in the federal drug case.

On Nov. 17, Isaac was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia to life plus 10 years in prison on 19 counts relating to his drug business in Lancaster.

During his drug trial, prosecutors said Isaac moved from Queens, N.Y., to Lancaster in 2004 with one goal in mind - to take over the drug trade in the city.

Prosecutors convinced a jury that Isaac established a business that sold up to $10,000 a day of crack cocaine and heroin. He ran the enterprise like a corporation and used threats and violence to intimidate addicts and the competition.

By the spring of 2004, police said, Isaac had begun to monopolize drug dealing in Lancaster, frequently visiting New York to buy drugs and South Carolina to obtain weapons.

From May 2004 until their arrests in October and November 2004, Isaac's gang members operated out of several locations around Lancaster. The operation was controlled, financed and supervised by Isaac and Hynson, who also was convicted in 2007.

Because of prison overcrowding, Isaac has been moved around to three prisons since his sentencing, Conte said.

He arrived at Chester County Prison on Monday. On Wednesday, he fired his attorney and told Judge James P. MacElree II that he is defending himself.

Isaac petitioned MacElree to delay the start of the trial. The court had ruled that Isaac's final destination would be Big Sandy federal prison in Kentucky, and that is where his legal papers were sent, Conte said.

"Certainly I'm not going to oppose his motion if he has not been able to view the legal documents pertaining to this case," Conte said.

The trial likely will begin in early April, Conte said. He said 150 prospective jurors had been called in as the pool for Isaac's trial.

MacElree also is considering Isaac's request to access the Chester County Prison law library. Because he is serving a federal life sentence and is being held in maximum security, his time out of his cell is heavily restricted, Conte said.