2016 Muddy Run Deer Count

A group of doe gather in a field after being pushed from the woods at Muddy Run Recreation Park in Holtwood in January 2016.

The annual Muddy Run Recreation Park deer count will not be held in 2021.

Due to concerns about Covid-19, park officials have called off the event, which normally is held the second weekend in January.

The annual count is held to assess the size of the deer population inside the fenced, 800-acre park owned by Exelon in Martic and Drumore townships.

(Watch a cool video of deer jumping over and running past a camera during a past count.)

It relies on dozens of volunteers showing up to walk through the park and count deer.

Park manager Dave Byers said the herd appears to be healthy this year. The last few years, the count has recorded between 400 and 500 deer in the park.

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