Anna Ramos 1

Anna Ramos is the Business Initiatives Director at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.

Anna Ramos’ eyes light up when she talks about broadening existing efforts to help adults and youth improve their skills and increase their employment opportunities. It’s her daily job as business initiatives director at the Lancaster Chamber, a position Ramos has held since 2016.

“I work with individuals and businesses to understand their needs and create a pipeline to meet those needs,” says Ramos.

Ramos, 43, focuses on identifying sectors where there is job growth while she cultivates relationships with local employers, and identifies resources for workforce development.

“I get so excited about it,” says Ramos. “We are on the brink of creating a career pathway coalition to bring all the workforce-related work under one umbrella,” she says.

What keeps her doing what she does day after day?

“Going into work every morning and helping people find out about work opportunities and what types of career paths are available,” says Ramos.

It’s a feeling she enjoys and relives in her quiet moments, which have become a frequent commodity.

Ramos lost her mother to cancer last May.

“I was her sole caregiver. I kept busy between her, my children and my husband while holding a full-time job,” says Ramos.

Without the responsibilities of having to care for a terminally ill parent, and her adult children already out of the house, things in the Ramos household are a lot quieter these days.

“Now I have more time to throw myself into my career. I’m trying to figure things out,” says Ramos.

Hometown: Lancaster

Family: Husband, Freddy, daughters Angilee, 25, Melissa, 23, Helena, 19 and grandson, Mason, 5.

Growing up I wanted to be: A teacher. I love putting lesson plans together and the concept of teaching people new things. I nurture that by teaching Sunday school at my church.

First job: I was a dining room assistant at Brethren Village Nursing Home during my high school years.

Advice I give frequently: Patience is a virtue. Our world is so fast-paced… sometimes patience is just what we need.

Best advice ever received: Only worry about what you can control and can influence. It’s something a former supervisor and mentor used to tell me all the time.

I would like to have dinner with: Michelle Obama. I’d like to talk about how she managed to be such a supportive wife, while raising girls.

Best part of my day: Driving to work in the morning, picking up a cup of coffee and easing up into the rest of the day.

I’m trying to improve at: Self-care. I never take time out for myself.

Favorite book: ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz. The author talks about four principles to live a happy, focused and grounded life.

Something you’ll always find in my refrigerator: Orange juice.

Best vacation spot: I love the beach, especially the Outer Banks.

I want to go to: Italy. I want to spend time in Tuscany.

Guilty pleasure: A body massage.

Three words that describe me: I’m compassionate. I’m faithful, it’s a big part of who I am and wouldn’t have been able to raise three girls and maintain a 25-year marriage without my faith. I think I’m also fun to be with. I always try to make light of every situation and live in the moment.