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Geotagging is a nice feature on the internet because it allows you to let people know where and when you took a picture, if you are at a popular site, or at a public or private event.

However, there are plenty of risks associated with sharing your location by adding geographical information to your photos or videos. Ill-intentioned people can use it to pinpoint your exact location, home, and your activities with little to no effort.

Here are some tips to help you use geotagging safely:

Think before posting tagged photos. Could it cause risk or embarrassment to you or anyone in the photo? If in doubt, don’t post it. Be especially careful about posting photos of children.

Be careful about posting photos of private spaces such as your home, since it could give would-be intruders the address and other valuable information they could use for a break-in.

Know how to turn geotagging on and off on all your devices and cameras.

Review what applications are using location services and turn them off for any apps that don’t need them.

Keep your privacy settings on social media up to date so you know who will be able to view tagged photos.

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If you’re concerned about privacy and don’t want your location tracked you have to disable location services on your device and edit the file's metadata.

Otherwise, don’t publish photos directly from your phone on social media. Instead, use a camera without GPS module.

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