The holiday season is here. That means lots of social events that revolve around family, friends and, you guessed it, food.

It’s tempting to let your regular routine slip during the holidays and that’s why knowing your limits is important. Do you really have to eat all the goodies smiling back at you from a beautiful table decked out for the holidays?

Here are some tips to help you stay focused on healthy eating while enjoying the festivities.

Remember, avoiding the temptation doesn’t mean avoiding the fun. Just identify the situations that cause you to overindulge and make adjustments so you can enjoy this holiday season

Forgoing food before a party. Not a good idea at all. When you're hungry, you tend to overeat and choose foods that are less healthy. Stick to normal eating patterns or eat small meals throughout the day so you won’t be as hungry at the event.

Office treats. Although it may seem festive and carefree to indulge in lots of treats, in the end, you will feel guilty and overstuffed. Find one item you would want to “indulge” in and then gravitate toward the healthier alternatives like veggies, fresh fruit.

Practice portion control. Before you sit down for a meal, remember to practice portion control. Grab a smaller plate or only choose your two favorite items out of an endless selection.

Making choices. Be smart when choosing appetizers and drinks. Avoid sauces, creamy dips and liquid calories found in eggnog, mulled wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Traditions. The hot chocolate, turkey with trimmings, gingerbread houses, and brownies can take a toll on hour health. Instead of following old "traditions", create new ones that are better for your health. Try focusing less on the food and more on the shared experiences.

Source: Cleveland Clinic, Leaf, State Point