Day in the Life 2019

Assistant content editor Christopher Otto, left, and editorial page Editor Suzanne Cassidy work in editorial Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

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Q: Is it one person or a committee that chooses which letters to the editor appear?

I can’t stand reading them anymore. The percentage of over-the-top religious fanatics of politics and social issues is offensive, and I can’t believe they represent the majority.

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We asked Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy to answer:

A: As I wrote in a 2017 column, faith is “part of the fabric of life in Lancaster County, and that’s undeniable, whether we attend a church, temple, meeting house, synagogue or mosque, or simply drive by any of those buildings even once in a while.”

We welcome letters from people of all political views, of all backgrounds, of all faiths — and of none. Anyone can write a letter. As long as it’s 250 words or less, addresses a topic that affects the public and adheres to basic standards of civility and decency, we run it (letter writers are limited to one published letter every 30 days).

Letters are edited for grammar, clarity and length, and are vetted for accuracy, but not for ideology.

As I wrote in 2017, in “a world in which people increasingly are huddling in ideological enclaves, this newspaper’s Op-Ed page seeks to be a place where we can come together and hash things out.” We do not stifle differing viewpoints, religious or otherwise.

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