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About wire services

Q: What wire services does LNP subscribe to and how do you decide what to use? Why don’t I see Fox News stories in print?

We asked copy editor Bob Orr to answer.

A: We have several wire services we subscribe to: The Associated Press, the largest service in the United States; The New York Times News Service, which includes The Times and also provides content from Cox News Service; and Tribune News Service, which includes content from a wide range of newspapers across the U.S., including Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Detroit, Dallas and Miami and many in Pennsylvania.

When we examine stories from the wire services, the first thing we look for is content that would affect Lancaster County or has involvement by Lancaster County residents.

We look for stories that do not take an opinionated viewpoint, but deal with the facts in a straightforward way. You occasionally will see a story labeled “Analysis” on our news pages, which can get into some opinion. That label differentiates this type of story from a straight news story.

As for news stories from cable news networks, such as Fox News or MSNBC, you won’t see them here for several reasons. They don’t offer subscription services, but even if they did, we are not interested in publishing news stories that are largely opinion-driven and often far too partisan. We want to be as objective as possible.

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