We believe Lancaster County is a great place to live.

The city, with its vibrant arts and shopping district, top-class restaurants, popular music venues, and deep, fascinating history. The small towns, from Lititz to Marietta, with their charming downtown shops and neighborhood pubs. The countryside, with its rolling hills, Amish farms, hiking trails and bike paths.

No matter what you’re interested in, it’s probably here somewhere.

With LancLife, we’ve built a place where we can share our love of Lancaster County with you. Whether you’ve recently moved here, or have lived here for decades, LancLife is ready to help you dig deeper into this patchwork-quilt county we call home.

Interested in local history? We can tell you about the single day Lancaster served as our nation’s capital, or about Abraham Lincoln’s 18-minute visit here on his way to his 1861 inauguration.

Local landmarks – from Binns Park to Long’s Park – all have their stories, too. And what about the glorious old buildings that surround us? From the Fulton Opera House to City Hall to homes designed by famed architect C. Emlen Urban, there’s plenty to learn about local architecture.

In the coming months, we’ll be adding new sections to LancLife frequently. Local food traditions. Antiques. Hiking, boating and other outdoor activities. The Susquehanna River and its river towns. Even games and puzzles with a local twist.

We want LancLife to be your go-to resource whenever you need information about life in Lancaster County. Perhaps you’ve just moved here for a new job. Or maybe you’ve retired to one of the many senior living communities in the county. We can help you learn your new home.

And if you’ve lived here for many years, well, there’s always more to discover.

Have a question for us, or a suggestion of something you’d like us to include in LancLife? Let us know here.