Excerpts and summaries of news stories from the former Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News that focus on the events in the county’s past that are noteworthy, newsworthy or just strange.

25 Years Ago: Sixty students and a teacher were evacuated from the Employment and Training Center of the Spanish American Civic Association after fumes sickened 21 people. SACA and fire officials believed that a group of teens sprayed mace or fire extinguisher chemicals into the air as a prank. The group had committed similar “acts of mischief” at the center previously. Thirteen adults were taken to hospitals for treatment. Others were treated at the scene. The July 21, 1994, New Era had the story.

The same edition reported that the steeple of Trinity Lutheran Church on South Duke Street got some needed attention from Steeple Jacks of Johnstown. The weathervane and a statue were cleaned and prepared for painting.

National Headline: O.J. case fumbled? Coroner’s office mishandled 16 pieces of evidence.

50 Years Ago: Jacob Brubaker of 440 Camp Meeting Road, Landisville, wanted to send President Nixon a gift to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing. The Mennonite minister was also a skilled woodworker. In “a little over an hour” he created a solid walnut saffron box with orange osage inlay. The inlaid pieces showed the phases of the moon. Brubaker shipped his gift off to Nixon at the White House. The July 21, 1969, Intelligencer Journal shared the story.

Also in that edition, it was reported that police disarmed a man with a gun at the Lititz Veterans of Foreign Wars Club early on Sunday morning. Jochen Hans Richter was flashing the semi-automatic pistol around the club, alarming patrons. He was charged with violating the Uniform Firearms Act.

National Headline: “Tranquility Base here” // “Eagle has landed”

75 Years Ago: The July 21, 1944, Intelligencer Journal reported that local draft boards were being proactive to make the transition from service to civilian jobs as smooth as possible for Lancaster’s veterans. Their first priority was to help vets regain their former jobs. Knowing that their return would take some time, draft board members were putting plans in place to meet returning veterans’ needs. Each board had a re-employment committeeman, and all boards were reminded that re-employment was part of their duties.

The same edition announced that the Commercial Crystal Company at 110-114 N. Water Street was given the Navy “E” Award for their production of war materials. The company manufactured the crystals needed for combat radios. Commercial Crystal joined a list of several Lancaster companies proudly displaying the “E” flag.

National Headline: State delegation leads the march for Roosevelt // Demonstration for FDR said to have exceeded one given to Dewey

100 Years Ago: The July 21, 1919, New Era reported on a protest letter. The Lancaster County Tobacco Growers Association sent a strong message of protest to Donald C. Roper, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, urging him not to “rule the important Ninth District out of existence.” “One of the greatest tobacco growing regions of the United States” protested the loss of the Ninth District. The group also sent a letter to President Woodrow Wilson in Washington, D.C.

Also in that edition, a weather reporter for the New Era did some number-crunching and was surprised by the results of the calculations. Since June 1, he calculated, 4,756.5 tons of rain had fallen on each city block. Roofs, roads and fields were all straining after the repeated poundings from cloudbursts.

National Headline: President (Wilson) taken ill on week-end cruise