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Excerpts and summaries of news stories from the former Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News that focus on the events in the county’s past that are noteworthy, newsworthy or just strange. 

25 Years Ago: Term limits were the topic in the 96th Legislative district. Representative candidate Steven McDonald and retiring lawmaker Terry Scheetz spoke out against “career politicians” during a press conference on the steps of the old courthouse. McDonald promised to limit his service to six terms. McDonald and Scheetz agreed that career politicians often forgot about “their constituents back home.” The Sept. 29, 1994, New Era covered the press conference.

The same edition featured a story about Gwen Fuhrman, who started work at the RCA plant on New Holland Avenue in 1943, making 43 cents an hour. She retired in September 1994 after 50 years and several company name changes. Fuhrman likely knew everyone at the plant by name. She pointed out some irony in her longevity – she’d gone to the plant 50 years ago to support her sister, not to apply for a job herself.

National Headline: House will vote on putting warning labels on music

Check out the New Era front page from Sept. 29, 1994.

50 Years Ago: Lancaster County said farewell to a popular theologian and his wife with a celebratory dinner attended by more than 500 people. Robert W. Moss left his position as president of Lancaster Theological Seminary to take a position as president of the United Church of Christ in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Moss was honored with numerous speeches and a “Smothers Brothers" style skit written and performed by Theological Seminary faculty and students. The Sept. 29, 1969, Intelligencer Journal had the story.

The same edition reported that stunt flyers helped to dedicate the Elizabethtown-Marietta Airport. Nearly 3,000 people watched aerial acrobats and parachutists in the sky at the National Air Show. The mayors of Marietta and Elizabethtown were on hand for the big event.

National Headline: Weird migration // Foreign birds flock to Calif.

Check out the Intelligencer Journal front page from Sept. 29, 1969.

75 Years Ago: The Sept. 29, 1944, Intelligencer Journal reported on a consumer credit seminar at Stahr Hall. The seminar was arranged by the Lancaster Chapter of the American Institute of Banking and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. One hundred and two bankers assembled to hear the history of consumer banking in America and to learn how to deal with a post-war future, in which Americans were expected to be borrowing and buying at a record pace.

Also in that edition: It started with a pair of trousers on the roof of a garage behind the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flickinger. At 2:30 in the morning, the Flickingers found a man walking around the second floor of their home, minus his trousers. The unnamed man was ‘ejected’ from the home, and a neighbor found the trousers. ID in the pockets led police to the man who was held for investigation.

National Headline: Davey Crockett gains surrender of 500 Germans // Navy fighter pilot descendant of original pioneer

Check out the Intelligencer Journal front page from Sept. 29, 1944.

100 Years Ago: Joy riders were plaguing motorists in the city, reported the Sept. 29, 1919, New Era. John C. Campbell, a recent victim, went shopping at Southern Market when his automobile vanished. His car was located the next Sunday on North Duke Street. “A number of cars in the last few months” had been stolen for joy riding. Thieves were not stealing and disposing of the vehicles, but would be considered car thieves when they were finally caught.

In the same edition, it was reported that the County Fair was just taking off, with exhibitors rushing to get things into shape before School Children’s Day. Among the attractions were “Captain Sarchos Submarine Show,” “Big 20 in 1 Show,” “La Rose Electric Fountain,” "Princess Wenona’s Wild West,” and “Elizabeth: A Living Doll.”

National Headline: The President has a restless night // Will remain in seclusion of the White House for present

Check out the New Era front page from Sept. 29, 1919.