Excerpts and summaries of news stories from the former Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News that focus on the events in the county’s past that are noteworthy, newsworthy or just strange.

25 Years Ago: Make-up days for winter snow closures delayed it, but students around the county finally heard the joyful words: “School’s out!” Students had been coping with late June heat and humidity, not to mention the agony of summer days spent sitting in a classroom. The June 23, 1994, New Era had the story.

The same edition reported that more than 600 senior citizens competed in the sixth annual Lancaster Senior Games. Swimming, shuffleboard, bocce, table tennis, Frisbee, horseshoes and even line dancing were among the contests. Open to those 55 and older, the games celebrated senior fitness. A “Golden Gala” at McCaskey High School would close out the week.

National Headline: Clinton praises GI Bill as sparking explosion of U.S. industry, energy

50 Years Ago: The June 23, 1969, Intelligencer Journal told the story of a father preparing to give a kidney to his son. Benjamin F. Armstrong Jr. was already hospitalized at the Cleveland Clinic. Benjamin Sr. flew to Cleveland and would check in to the hospital himself. Besides a healthy kidney, the elder Armstrong came with money donated to his son by the local Jaycees. While Ben Jr. was already looking forward to returning home, a long post-surgery wait was looming to guard against infection.

Lancaster loved jazz in 1969, the same edition reported. The extremely popular Dave Brubeck and his trio headlined the third annual Pennsylvania Dutch Jazz Festival held on Williamson Field. It was attended by about 4,500. The Newport All Stars, Ruth Brown, the Lancaster All Stars and sax player Gerry Mulligan all took a turn onstage.

National Headline: Judy Garland dies in London

75 Years Ago: A national survey reported that Lancaster was “more prosperous” than other U.S. cities. The average family in town had more money to spend on things that were not necessities. The survey also noted that with retail sales of $54,110,000 in 1943, Lancaster accounted for .086 of the nation’s business. This number was somewhat suppressed by the war measures, the survey asserted.

In the same edition it was reported that, Lancaster County Boy Scouts were hosting a huge Camporee at the new Camp Chiquetan near Conestoga. Chief C. W. Armstrong said the group was the largest in the history of the Lancaster County Council. Over 400 Scouts were in attendance.

National Headline: GOP against formation of “world state”

100 Years Ago: The June 23, 1919, New Era reported on a man and a woman arrested for shoplifting. The two were suspected of being professional thieves. They managed to steal more than $600 worth of goods, and had nearly $3000 in their possession when arrested. The pair was registered at the Brunswick Hotel, purportedly visiting from Toledo, Ohio.

The same edition reported that young Otto Roseman wandered away from a party and got himself stuck in a bridge crossing a trolley line. The 7-year-old had fallen against the tracks and tried to climb up, cutting himself above the eye. A trolley operator on the Rocky Springs line freed him and got him medical help.

National Headline: Germans agree to sign treaty unconditionally