bike race 1995
Riders navigate a dangerous curve in Lancaster County Central Park near Historic Rock Ford during the CoreStates Hamilton Classic in 1995.
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Excerpts and summaries of news stories from the former Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News that focus on the events in the county’s past that are noteworthy, newsworthy or just strange. 

For years, the CoreStates Hamilton Classic bike race was a staple of Lancaster summers. And in 1995 - the fourth year the 90-mile race was run - an American cyclist won.

Amateur rider Fred Rodriguez blasted past five fellow Americans in a 40-mile-per-hour sprint down North Queen Street to win the race, edging out former U.S. Pro champion Bart Bowen by half a bike-length at the finish line.

Rodriguez set a new record time as well, finishing the race in three hours, seven minutes and 12 seconds, for a blistering average speed of about 29 miles per hour.

Two tornadoes ripped through Lancaster County on Memorial Day of 1995, the National Weather Service confirmed. Heavy storms, with thunder and hail, moved through the county, spawning two separate tornadoes. One touched down in Manor Township, the other in West Cocalico and Clay townships. The tornadoes packed wind speeds of 110-120 miles per hour, and did an estimated $750,000 damage to buildings in their paths.

In the headlines:

U.S. considers ground troops to aid in Bosnia

Lawyers spar over police statement in O.J. trial

WHO cites sharp rise in Ebola cases

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In 1970, the J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation, better known as "Camp Mack," saw some significant upgrades.

The 950-acre property, straddling the Lancaster-Lebanon County line, had seen the opening of its "North Camp," one of four proposed camping areas, the previous summer. For the 1970 season, the camping area was expanded, a Webelos Camp was added, the swimming pool was improved with a new diving area and an all-new building - the Blair Activities Center - was opening.

An open house was scheduled for the public to come see the growing camp and its new facilities.

In the headlines:

Army relaxes rules, lets its hair down

Maine to Miami I-95 still about 5 years from completion

Feminists declare their independence

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The May 31, 1945, Intelligencer Journal had a front-page story about two would-be chicken thieves who got into a "gun duel" with a farmer before escaping.

The pair were caught in the act of trying to swipe chickens from a farm operated by the Keagy family near Bausman. A shotgun battle ensued between one of the farmers, Claude Keagy, 27, and the interlopers. Keagy then caught one of the men, but while he was stuggling to restrain him, his accomplice snuck up and knocked Keagy unconscious with a piece of wood. 

The two chicken rustlers fled the scene - one had been injured by a shotgun blast and left a trail of blood behind him, leading across nearby fields. Doctors and hospitals were put on alert to report any patients with such an injury.

Thieves had absconded with more than 100 chickens from the same farm exactly one week before the violent incident.

In the headlines:

French, Arabs battle in Damascus

Racing has biggest day - in midst of total war

Soong takes over as Chinese premier

Check out the May 31, 1945, Intelligencer Journal here.

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