Memorial bird book 1970

Shirley Ludwig, widow of WGAL's Richard Ludwig, and county superintendent of schools Harry Gerlach look over copies of "Birds of North America" which Shirley Ludwig donated to schools in her husband's memory in November 1970.

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East Lampeter Township officials joined forces with residents to oppose a new business opening in the township in November 1995.

The business in question was an off-track betting parlor set to open in East Towne Mall shopping center. Plans for the Penn National betting site, intended for a spot next to Kmart in the center along Route 30 East, included multiple bars and restaurants and a capacity of 1,000 patrons.

Opponents said it didn't fit the character of the township, with its sizable Plain population, and objected to the site's proximity to Lancaster Mennonite High School.

The pending legal objections were focused on a variety of issues, including the fact that township residents had recently voted against allowing small games of chance in the township, and that developers held critical public hearings outside the township, preventing Plain resident from easily attending.

In the headlines:

U.S. troops in Bosnia for Yule?

Sugar doesn't make kids hyperactive, study shows

Records fall as Dow tops 5,000

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When Richard M. Ludwig died in 1970, he left an unusual legacy.

The commercial manager of radio station WGAL died unexpectedly on Feb. 10 that year, and his wife, Shirley, knew she wanted to honor him in a way that focused on one of his passions - flowers and birds.

Ludwig grew prize-winning roses and also was the curator of ornithology at the North Museum. After a memorial fund set up through the museum raised more than $1,000 in Ludwig's memory, his wife knew exactly how to memorialize him.

She arranged for the purchase of 289 copies of "Birds of North America," by Chandler Robbins. That was enough to donate a copy to every school in the county - public and private, elementary middle and secondary. (It also provided some extra copies for Conestoga Elementary School, where Shirley Ludwig was a teacher, and several York County districts where the Ludwigs had family.)

It was a memorial, she said, of which her late husband would have wholeheartedly approved.

In the headlines:

U.S. jets bombard North Vietnam sites in retaliation raids

$2 million grant for Sesame Street

U.S. launching star-studying space 'scope

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On Nov. 22, 1945, Lancaster County was set to celebrate its first "real" Thanksgiving in four years.

A shortage of turkeys, wartime rationing, absent soldiers and other issues had kept the holiday from truly feeling like Thanksgiving, but all of that was set to change.

But in 1945, many soldiers had returned home, turkeys were plentiful, rationed foods were available again, and for the first time since the attack on Pearl Harbor, virtually all workers were to have the day off.

In the headlines:

U.S. seizes capital transit lines

49 ships to bring 50,000 men to States today

DeGaulle forms coalition gov't in France to end Cabinet crisis

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Downtown Lancaster merchants were busy planning their hours for the 1920  Christmas season - and the shopping season then was much shorter than it is today.

A meeting of the Retail Merchants Committee of the Chamber of Commerce debated the issue of when to begin holiday evening hours, and whether those hours should include Christmas Eve.

The committee resolved that evening shopping in Lancaster would begin on Saturday, Dec. 18, and continue through Dec. 23, with Christmas Eve being an optional addition at each merchant's discretion.

In the headlines:

Many killed in Dublin reprisals

French not to use force in opposing Constantine as king

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