Eby's Mill fire 1970

Firefighters work to extinguish a massive fire at Eby's Mill in Lititz in this photo from September 1970.

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Excerpts and summaries of news stories from the former Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News that focus on the events in the county’s past that are noteworthy, newsworthy or just strange. 

Burglary might be a fairly common crime, but a burglary where the value of the stolen goods is about a half million dollars was front-page news here in 1995.

Over Labor Day weekend that year, what was believed to be a team of professional jewelry thieves broke into the Rolex Watch Service Center in Greenfield Industrial Park and got away with watches, gold parts and watch repair tools.

Initial reports said the loss may have been as high as $4 million, but a Rolex spokesman said the true value of the loss was about $500,000.

The thieves pried open the back door of the shop, gathered up anything valuable that was in the open, then used a blowtorch to crack open a vault, police said. They said the stolen watches would likely be sold overseas, and the spare parts might also be sold, or could be melted down for gold.

In the headlines:

Luis veers away but winds rake Puerto Rico

Man is guilty of fraud after posing as woman during 3-year marriage

NATO again bombs defiant Serbs

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A longtime Lititz landmark caught fire the weekend of Sept. 6, 1970.

Eby's Mill, located in downtown Lititz on Cedar Street since the early days of the 20th Century, had manufactured poultry and livestock feeds.

The fire, which started on the second floor of the mill building, also engulfed multiple silos on the site. More than 120 firefighters responded to the blaze.

The location once occupied by the mill is currently home to Stoll & Wolfe Distillery and Grauer's Paint and Decorating.

In the headlines:

Panther Newton urges equality via socialism

Popular vote election move gaining support

Israelis ordered to quit Lebanon

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Longtime Lancaster County residents likely know that the Mennonite Central Committee has a storied history of mobilizing to help people in need, no matter where in the world they may be.

This was just as true in 1945, as the committee had organized a nationwide effort to collect useful tools and utensils to ship to battle-ravaged towns and farms in France and Holland in the aftermath of World War II.

Carpentry tools, gardening implements and household utensils were being sent to Lancaster County from all over the United States, and were being packed and shipped out from the Akron-based headquarters of the MCC.

In the headlines:

15,000 U.S. troops leave England on the Queen Mary

'Tokyo Rose' is held by Allies for questioning

Truman confers with Congress' leaders

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