Editor's note: Ask An Editor is an occasional column celebrating LNP’s 225th anniversary. Send Ask An Editor questions to Lori Goodlin, content and production editor, at lgoodlin@lnpnews.com.

About the front page:

Q: I remember LNP promised that the front page would be devoted to Lancaster-based or related events, but your editors have strayed a long way from the path. (Example: A gorilla study? Where are there gorillas in Lancaster?) Even today’s 3/10 paper has a Congressional article on its front page. Move that back to Nation and World, please, unless there’s a part that details how it affects Lancastrians. Nothing in the article applies to us any more than it does to any other city of our size in the USA.

The “Offering Hope” article is correctly placed, according to your announced mandate. More of those kinds of articles on the front pages, please, not just Sunday LNP, but during the week, as well.

Or just “fess up” in print that you’ve changed your “Always Lancaster” ideals. I’ll accept either resolution. 

We asked copy editor Bill Bert to answer.

A: We don’t think “Always Lancaster” means “nothing but Lancaster.”

Fact is, in today’s interconnected world, what happens in Harrisburg and Washington can be as important to Lancaster as what happens at the local borough hall. And our county also is influenced by what happens in Great Britain, the Middle East and as far off as New Zealand.

We also strive to serve different interests on our front page and throughout the paper. With many readers feeling overwhelmed by government and crime news, we often seek something lighter. Feel-good stories are highly popular.

We understand that every story on Page 1 will not be relevant to everyone, but we think our focus on what’s important or of interest to our community supports the label “Always Lancaster.”

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