Day in the life 225

Denise Troop places the day's paper in a holder in the front lobby of LNP's offices on King Street, Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Troop is a familiar face and voice to customers that come in the front or call. She also takes care of making sure that day's paper is readily available at the front desk.

On June 17, 1794, in a room above a bar on West King Street, the first issue of what was then known as the Lancaster Journal was printed and circulated. Today, we celebrate LNP/LancasterOnline’s 225th anniversary.

On this momentous occasion, we are grateful — grateful for the wonderful community that has supported this organization for almost 23 decades, and grateful that we have the opportunity to continue to serve you with the highest-quality journalism and news coverage. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and only 30% of businesses are fortunate enough to last a decade. The odds of a business surviving for 225 years are almost unfathomable.

We cite these statistics not to brag, but because this anniversary is an accomplishment for the entire Lancaster community — our organization's continued existence would not be possible without you, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you. 

First, we must thank our loyal readers. You inspire us. You give us tips on matters we would not otherwise be able to uncover. You engage with us, and your 4,300 letters to the editor we receive annually exhort, correct and challenge us.

The articles you write and share with us enable your neighbors to join us in learning your point of view. You motivate us to strive to be great every day, and you remind us when we fall short.

Second, we must acknowledge and thank our steadfast advertisers. You have been with us from the start 225 years ago, when the front page was a collection of classified advertisements.

Today, you engage with the largest audience of consumers in Lancaster County in print, video and digital media. You continue to recognize that newspapers are the best way to imprint messages in the minds of consumers, and you know we provide the best tools available today to tell your stories. Together we have grown and prospered.

Finally, the exceptional team at LNP/LancasterOnline deserves great thanks for making our organization what it is today.

We have journalists who are dogged in pursuit of stories. Our client solutions representatives do just that — create innovative solutions to help local businesses grow and prosper. Our artists, designers, editors, videographers and support staff make everyone around them better and deserve a nod of thanks for their immense contributions. 

Tomorrow, when the roughly 82,000th edition of our newspaper arrives on your front doorstep or you read the digital version online, please know you are reading the first edition of our 226th year in business, and accept our appreciation for all you have done to make it possible.

Robert M. Krasne is publisher of LNP and chairman of Steinman Communications. Caroline Muraro is president of LNP Media Group.