Brandon Ehrhart 1995

Brandon Ehrhart of Landisville was voted one of America's Top 10 Sexiest Deliverymen, according to "The Jenny Jones Show" in 1995.

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Landisville resident Brandon Ehrhart was the recipient of an unusual accolade in 1995 - he was voted one of the 10 "Sexiest Deliverymen" in America.

The honor, bestowed on television by "The Jenny Jones Show," came with an appearance on the talk show, which was taped before a live audience - made up of all women, of course.

Ehrhart was making deliveries from Leola-based Super-dog Pet Foods throughout the mid-Atlantic region. An enthusiastic bodybuilder, he was also busy winning bodybuilding contests in his spare time, and was happy to do the show "for the exposure."

Speaking of exposure, the Jenny Jones audience asked Ehrhart to take his shirt off during the taping, a request with which he cheerfully complied.

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The already massive Host Farm Resort along Route 30 East was planning to expand even more in 1970.

The Host was planning an entertainment showplace for both tourists and county residents, featuring a 1,000-seat cabaret theater with tables for dinner shows, to be constructed atop a new glass-enclosed indoor skating rink. THe complex would be connected to the resort proper via a new "Grand Entry Hall."

The fully-equipped theater with its state-of-the-art rotating stage was hoped to be a draw for large, long-running performances, perhaps even pre-Boradway test shows.

The indoor ice skating rink, projected to take up about 9,000 square feet, would occupy the entire lower level of the building.

The Host's owners were hoping to have the project completed sometime in 1971.

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The Second World War may have been over by Sept. 13, 1945, but local residents were still feeling the effects of wartime rationing.

The Lancaster War Price and Ration Board had just issued its last 5-pound bag of sugar for canning, with 1,500 orders still not filled. Facing a general shortage in sugar, many county residents applied for rations of canning sugar for regular household use, even if they planned to do no canning.

The ration board had no idea where they might obtain more sugar to distribute across Lancaster County.

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Radio broadcasting hit by strike

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A Franklin & Marshall College tradition ran afoul of police in 1920.

At that time, it seems, sophomores traditionally plastered posters around the college neighborhood detailing the (often absurd) "rules" that incoming freshman would have to follow.

But the class of 1923, when endeavoring to hang their posters, soon found out that the police had been tipped off to the time and place of the prank. Not five minutes after the poster-hanging started, city officers descended on the students, breaking up their efforts, tearing down their posters and even arresting one student.

That student was fined $6.05 to cover a penalty, court costs and the cleaning of a police officers trousers, which had been doused with paste.

He paid promptly, but his classmates were heard to say that the poster-hanging efforts would resume the next night - and great pains would be taken to avoid the police.

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