In this photo series, we offer an insight into what it takes to put together “the daily miracle,” as we in the news business call it.

From the daily print edition to the 24/7 digital news cycle, many different departments work hand-in-hand to deliver what’s happening in Lancaster County to our readers.

In the newsroom, the day starts around 5:30 a.m., with the digital team updating LancasterOnline with fresh stories. On the other side of the building, the customer service department is ensuring the e-edition is up to date and customers are taken care of.

At a morning meeting, reporters, editors and photographers pitch stories and photo ideas for that day’s coverage.

Throughout the day, the client solutions team works with advertisers to make their ads come to life in print and across multiple digital platforms. The LNP/LancasterOnline production department takes care of preparing ads and pages for the print edition, the audience development team finds new ways to interact with Lancaster County residents, and the video production team covers a variety of assignments, from the “Legends of Lancaster” video series to podcasts and more.

As the afternoon approaches, our night crew of page designers and copy editors comes in, ready to take the stories and photos of the day to create what will become the next day’s newspaper. The pages are sent to the presses, where thousands of copies are printed and shipped to our distribution centers.

Our dedicated circulation staff and carriers bring you what you hold in your hands every morning. Then, the 24-hour cycle starts anew.