If you are not up on the lingo, you are not alone

Up on the lingo? No? You’re not alone, but with each passing year, you’re more in the minority. MFG Day stands for Manufacturing Day started in 2012 to address “common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t,” according to the Manufacturing Day mission statement. (Source: MFGDay) It’s a way for manufacturers to bring the skilled labor shortage to the forefront and to collectively work to bring a new generation of workers into the manufacturing community. And there’s growing concern that what may slow down job growth won’t be an economic event; rather it will be a labor shortage.

Observed annually on the first Friday in October, this year the event is October 6th.

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that 3.5 million students graduated high school in 2017. Of those approximately 68 per cent will enroll in college immediately if current statistics continue to hold true. (Source: National Center for Education Statistics) That leaves over 1.1 million graduates. What’s their plan?

States, counties and cities across the country participate as does Lancaster County. One of our local goals is to work in concert to coordinate collaboration among multiple community organizations, schools and companies to address Lancaster County’s current and future manufacturing workforce needs.  The aim is to increase the understanding of, and therefore appeal of, manufacturing careers through education of school-aged children, their parents, teachers and others who support them.  

A December 2016 survey by the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte showed an increase of over 85% in both awareness of manufacturing jobs and improved public perception by both students and educators after attending events.

All 16 Lancaster County school districts have committed to participating as well as a large number of local manufacturers who will host field trips and events to show, first hand, what manufacturing really is.

The Workforce Development Board, in collaboration with local business, community, and education partners, has created a series of “Redefining Career Success” technical career forums that will be presented across the County in six different locations from September to November. These six mini-forums will feature local employers, training providers, and skill developers showcasing many high priority occupations and will offer parents and students some hands-on “experience” in various manufacturing careers. The goal of these forums is to educate everyone, including adults who may have begun, but did not complete their post-secondary education, about high demand – high paying technical careers and to engage with Lancaster County’s leading employers and educators. Both workshops and discussions with industry leaders are featured at each event as is an opportunity to win scholarships toward qualifying educational expenses at a local post-secondary institution.

The schedule for these and all events will be published in the near future.

Janel Cross of Align Financial Services has taken the helm in chairing the Lancaster County Manfacturing Day Steering Committee and is joined by businesses, schools and agencies to continue prior years’ work in increasing, publicizing and presenting Manufacturer’s Day to the community. If you, your school or your business would like more information on participating please contact either Janel Cross or Jesse Steffy of Align Financial Services Group at or 717-207-9230.

For more information on Manufacturing Day follow Lancaster Makes on Facebook at  and check out Manufacturing Day on YouTube. Follow @EcoreIntl for up to date tweets on MFGDay.

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