CareerLink’s upcoming Fall Job Fair is scheduled to be held Wednesday, September 20th, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM for the general public at Liberty Place, 313 West Liberty Street, Lancaster. But if you’re a Golden Ticket holder or a Veteran early entrance is available from 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM, prior to the general admission.

An’Dionne Smith, Director of Workforce Services, is confident that at least as many businesses and other organizations will participate as in previous job fairs. She says, “We can accommodate up to 80 businesses, including partners and agencies,” but knows that, as always, they will end up with a wait list. “Businesses on the wait list are invited to participate in one of the mini job fairs we run on site at CareerLink, approximately eight every month.”

She goes on to say that they work hard to present a widely diverse range of employers from professional services to manufacturers to healthcare. At the end of every job fair they survey both job seekers and employers, a survey she says, “We take seriously. We try to better things every time, both our offerings and our implementation.”

For those familiar with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory you’ll remember that finding a Golden Ticket started you on the way to the adventure of a lifetime. Not much different for the Golden Ticket from CareerLink of Lancaster County.

While you don’t have to buy chocolate bars to receive a Golden Ticket you do have to meet one simple condition. You must be a participant in at least one of the rotating job readiness workshops. Smith details that these workshops assist the job seeker learn, “search strategies, dos and don’ts, interview skills, and more. They’re coached, educated and prepared to speak with potential employers.” You’ll learn or brush up on skills such as proper dress, how to prepare, and what to bring, say and do and not do and resume assistance.

These workshops are offered two times a week throughout every month and do require registration as places are limited to ensure quality instruction and instructor interaction. You can obtain program and scheduling information by stopping into the CareerLink office located at 1016 N. Charlotte Street, Lancaster, or online at

Once your participation is verified, you’re eligible for a Golden Ticket. Amber F. Mirza, Employer Services Supervisor, says, “We want to give priority of service to our program participants as well as to veterans.” Veterans can obtain early admission by showing proof of their service although they too are encouraged to participate in the workshops to increase their preparedness.

Mirza states, “This early admission gives the program participants and veterans the opportunity to have earlier and extra time to make connections with employers when it is less busy. They’re gaining both from the instruction and entry timing.”

Job seekers, according to Mirza, say that, “sometimes the application process is difficult or they are not getting responses. By attending the job fair they have the opportunity to meet face to face with, not just one employer, but hundreds and to make a great first impression and expedite their job search process.” From a hiring perspective employers may have had difficulty finding qualified candidates. The job fair affords them the ability to make connections with prospective employees more quickly rather than sifting through resumes.

Golden ticket benefits don’t stop with early admission. Should the program participant need interview clothing CareerLink has an internal clothing bank or is able to give a referral to a local church. They can even help with a haircut if necessary by providing a voucher to their local sponsor, Empire Beauty School, that donates their time and services.

Please contact Amber Mirza at 717-509-5613 extension 277 for more information and to schedule your appointment. (TTY 717-391- 3570)

You may say that they’ll always be another job fair, but why would you wait? Grab your Golden Ticket, no chocolate required, and start your adventure.

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