Sue Gunselman


“I am really confused where to start … I just settled my grown children with new careers, new homes and college, and I am now facing the struggle with how to care for my aging parents. While they are still able to care for themselves in their current residence, we feel the need to plan ahead for their future housing and care. What should we do?”




Like you and many others, we are all faced with these challenges as part of “the sandwich generation.” We have the challenge of caring for our parents and our children. One thing I have learned by working as a real estate housing transition specialist and coach is that it is never too early to start planning for the inevitable.

Over my 36 years in real estate, I’ve learned there’s so much more involved in life’s major housing transitions than most folks realize. I know what’s really behind it all — the fear, the anxiety and the doubt.

During a session with me, together with your parents, we will uncover the hidden fears about taking the next step and create a plan that works for everyone.

A session with me can help you understand:

• How to liquidate physical assets.

• The best approach to prepare the home for sale.

• The costs and benefits of your parents “aging in place” and the needed modifications to their home.

• Options for senior care.

Sue Gunselman at “Smart Moves with Sue,” and the Patrick Trimble Team, provide the customer care you are seeking. Our new service focuses on those considering a housing transition. We provide a complimentary consultation offering guidance on all aspects of a potential move. The “no-cost” consultation includes:

• Moving logistics

• Home staging

• Financing options

• Designing a personalized, comprehensive written plan focusing on your goals

• Education about all the real estate processes

• Uncovering all your “Pain Points” associated with the transition

• “Peace of Mind” – the knowledge that will give you confidence to move forward!

When considering a move, be it buying or selling, there’s never a wrong time to start preparing for the next phase of your life. Sue “transitioned” from a top-producing agent to a certified life coach focusing on real estate transition and helping people make the best decisions for their lives. For your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, contact Sue at 717-475-4300.