Fort Halifax Park dig

Students in the Juniata College excavate at Fort Halifax Park on the first day of the two-week-long dig, June 14 2021. 

DAUPHIN -- An archaeological dig in Fort Halifax park revealed a fort dating back to the Seven Years War according to media reports. 

The two-week-long dig led by Johnathan Burns, director of the Cultural Resource Institute at Juniata College, unearthed a small fort built in 1756 and abandoned a year later, according to Fox 43.  The group, comprised of 14 archaeology students, also found stoneware fragments, lead balls, Spanish currency and gun points before the dig’s June 28 end date. 

A Facebook post from Fort Halifax Park celebrated the dig’s success and mentioned the park looks forward to hosting future digs.  

Only a few forts along the Susquehanna River have yet to be found, according to ABC 27. 

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