REO Flying Cloud

Barney Reiley of the REO Manheim Marketplace and Bob Stanley (right) with the 1929 REO Flying Cloud.


There’s a new addition at the REO Manheim Marketplace: one that relates to both the complex’s history and its name. A 1929 REO Flying Cloud is now on display in a covered outdoor area by Artifice Ales & Mead.

The REO Manheim Marketplace, 51 North Main Street, Manheim is located in buildings that had formerly housed Bickel’s Snack Foods, but one of its former lives was also as Manheim’s first auto dealer in 1907.

The REO (REO stood for Ransom Eli Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile) dealership was acquired by J. Harvey Spahr and remained in operation into the 1930s.

Suzanne Reiley and her husband, Barney, are among the partners in Staudt McGovern Holdings, which has been redeveloping the REO Manheim Marketplace. She explained that the couple’s friends, Bob and Heidi Keller are REO enthusiasts and members of the REO Club of America. The Kellers told them about the 1929 REO Flying Cloud when it was advertised in a local paper in late 2019.

“Bob and Heidi have a 1930 REO Flying Cloud that was originally purchased from J. Harvey Spahr’s REO dealership. They contacted us in June 2019, and we became friends and kept in touch,” Suzanne Reiley explained, “When they told us about the 1929 Flying Cloud being available, they also mentioned that they knew the owner, and Bob went with us when we first looked at the car.”

She said the owners of the 1929 auto, Bob and Kathy Stanley, visited REO Manheim Marketplace to see the project, and they agreed to sell it to the Reileys. After purchasing the vehicle in Feb. 2020, the Reileys had the vehicle clear coated and kept it in storage until the outdoor display space at the Manheim REO Marketplace was ready. It was placed on display in March.

The REO Manheim Marketplace complex also contains the REO Suites, two short-term rental units. Both suites are named after REO vehicles, and one is named the Flying Cloud suite.

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