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Do you know what this mystery tool, from the collection of the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum collection, was used for?

Landis Valley Museum Curator Jennifer Royer says its dimensions are: 1 inch by 8 5/8 inches by 5 3/8 inches.

Send your guess to Mary Ellen Wright at features@lnpnews.com, with “Antique Toolbox” in the subject line, or mail to Mary Ellen Wright / Antique Toolbox, LNP Media Group, P.O. Box 1328, Lancaster, PA 17608-1328. Please include your full name and the town you live in with your guess. Guesses are due by Monday, Sept. 13. We’ll reveal the correct answer in LNP on Sept. 23. Note: Email is preferred because regular mail access is limited due to LNP employees working remotely.

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Most of our readers who submitted a guess as to the identity of July’s mystery tool, part of the collection at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, got the correct answer.

Jennifer Royer, curator at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, says the tool is a hand-cranked blower made by the Champion Blower and Forge Co., sometime between 1905 and 1915.

The blower was used to fan coals on a blacksmith forge, Royer says. The metal fan blades are contained in the maker-embossed cast-iron housing with an adjustable mounting on a hollow cylindrical cast-iron post.

There is a circular opening on the reverse side of the fan housing through which the blades can draw air, Royer says. Original red paint remains on the blower, which was used in a metal-working shop in Gap, she adds.


• Elizabethtown: George Lyter.

• Ephrata Township: Jim Garner.

• Lancaster: Lewis Bechtold, Matthew C. Bruns, Jack Esbenshade, Dave Weltner.

• Lancaster Township: Tom Wall.

• Lebanon: Dr. Stacey M. Fink.

• Lititz: Nancy Freeman.

• Manheim: James Kenderdine.

• Mount Joy: Benjamin Ebersole.

• Mountville: Gary Glick.

• Millersville: Wayne Herr.

• Nazareth: Pat Houck, Phil Houck.

• New Holland: Mitch King.

• Nottingham: Alice L Beard.

• Smoketown: Melvin Beiler.

• Washington Boro: Paul Wittensoldner.

• BEST GUESSES: Standing salon hair dryer, old oil pump, early gas-fired drill.

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