Adamstown Stoudt's beerfest

Adamstown has the most breweries per capita in Lancaster County, thanks to its one brewery, Stoudts Brewing Co., and small population, (1,847).

Lancaster city has enough breweries to make the cut for a national list ranking most breweries per capita.

The most breweries per capita can be found in Portland, Maine, closely followed by Asheville, N.C., according to an analysis by C+R Research. Lancaster came in at #24.

The research company looked at 500 cities around the country.

LancasterOnline ran the numbers for all of the towns with breweries in Lancaster County to see which have the most breweries per capita closer to home. While Lancaster city has the highest number of breweries, Adamstown had the most breweries per capita, thanks to its brewery, Stoudts Brewing Co., and small population, (1,847 according to the most-recent census figures).

  1. Adamstown
  2. Marietta
  3. Lititz
  4. Elizabethtown
  5. Denver
  6. Mount Joy
  7. East Petersburg
  8. Ephrata
  9. Manheim
  10. Columbia
  11. Lancaster
Methodology: We started with a list of breweries with active brewery licenses in Lancaster County. The per capita rate was based on the breweries’ mailing address using 2018 population data from the U.S. Census.