This article was previously published, but it's so fun, we've brought it out again.

There's a bit of pride that is attached to where you are from and we have taken a moment to pay homage to those from the Lancaster area. Whether it's whoopie pies, long johns, memories of Park City, the list is almost endless as to traditional Lancaster things.

There are tried-and-true things that indicate when a person is from Lancaster and LancasterOnline helped break it down for you with these 20 things that scream that you are from Lancaster. 

We know there are more, add yours in the comments below. 

You know you are from Lancaster when:

 1. You know what a mud sale is.

chicken pot pie11.jpg

Order pot pie in Lancaster County, and you’ll get a hearty dish with noodles, preferably square and homemade — no crust.

2. You know the difference between chicken pie and chicken pot pie.

3. You know what a whoopie pie is.

4. You know that Lancaster is pronounced Lanc-kiss-ter, not Lang-CAS-ter.

5. You have been to a chicken corn soup sale at a fire hall.

6. You have been stuck behind a buggy on a main road.


Members of the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge, Quarryville, gathered Saturday morning February 2, 2019 to await the prognostication of Octorara Orphie. Orphie saw his shadow and scurried back into his hole as six more weeks of winter has been predicted. Saturday February 2, 2019

7. You think schools should be closed for Groundhog Day.

8. You know that shoo-fly pie has nothing to do with shoes.

9. You know what it means to "redd (or red) up the room."

10. It makes sense to say "the iced tea is all."

11. You know that long johns are a doughnut and not an undergarment.

12. You remember when Park City, which has nothing to do with skiing, had a roller skating rink and a movie theater. Let's not forget, Jade Tiki Inn or Pensupreme.

13. The town names Intercourse and Paradise do not make you giggle.

14. You are permitted to miss school for the first day of hunting season.

15. You have used "doplic" in a sentence.


Volunteers flip a rack of chicken halves at the 66th annual Sertoma Chicken Barbecue. Shot on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

16. You know where the "World's Biggest Chicken Barbecue" is held every year.

17. You know what chow chow is.

18. You've had cup cheese. (We didn't say you had to like it.)

19. You have friends named Yoder, Esbenshade, Miller or Stoltzfus — and they're not related.

Green Dragon new building

Green Dragon unveiled a new building today at the center of its complex which replaces one destroyed by fire 11 months ago.

20. You know that Green Dragon is a place and not a mythical creature.