bar glasses

Upside down bar glasses at The Exchange.

Every once in a while, I’ll have some free time after completing an assignment to work on something I might want to explore.

When I have an elevated urban landscape view like the one you see when you visit The Exchange, a new cocktail bar in the east tower of the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, lingering there is time well spent. That kind of inspiration usually leads to revelations seen in other subjects that I might normally miss when life is moving along at full speed.

Take these upside-down glasses at the bar, for example. The patterns were fun, and the light skimming over the glossy smooth surfaces was interesting. But I thought of something else later.

And this notion came to me only because I had been reading the how-to for the Pixaloop software application I was trying on my iPhone. Because of the new possibilities with this software, I could imagine on another level.

Suddenly, I was previsualizing all of the glass circles spinning in different directions while the rest of the image was stationery.

Mind blown.

The still image is printed on this page. Obviously, LNP can’t publish a wizarding newspaper with motion pictures like The Daily Prophet that Harry Potter would read. Our LNP wizards’ best alternative is

Go to this link to see my motion version:

THE METHOD: iPhone XS Max back dual camera 4.25mm f/1.8; 1/250 sec; f/1.8; ISO 25. Processed in Snapseed, Photoshop and Luminar, video in Pixaloop.

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