Girl Scout cookies cropped

From left: Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, and Samoas are just some of the varieties of Girl Scout cookies offered locally this year. 

Girl Scout Cookie season is underway, and Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania is offering several ways for people to purchase cookies, even if they don't know a Girl Scout personally.

If you want to connect with a local Girl Scout Cookie seller or troop:

— Use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder at Enter your ZIP code to see a list of in-person cookie booths in your area, which will begin March 13 and operate until April 11.

— If you want your cookies sooner, use the Cookie Finder to find Girl Scouts’ Online Cookie Booths. Local troops will be credited with the sale, and the cookies will be shipped to your door.

— Other ways to connect to a local troop include: Texting COOKIES to 59618, emailing, or downloading the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on your smartphone.

For more information, visit

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