Pet of the Week June 24 2022

Faith is a domestic shorthair female who is about 10 years old. Faith is the Pet of the Week for June 24, 2022, and is available for adoption at Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, 26 Millersville Rd. Lancaster.

Meet Faith, who was brought to the Pet Pantry by a woman who had found her after she had been thrown out of her home. She’s about 10 years old and is a petite girl who knows what she likes and how she likes it, and has that right seeing as how she’s heading into her golden years.

Faith is declawed on all four feet, so they can be painful at times. According to her veterinarian, Faith is in the early stages of chronic renal disease and thus urinates seven to 10 times daily and requires two large litter boxes. Because all of her paws are declawed, the biomechanics of all her limbs have been altered, which seems to be causing her back pain. Therefore, she needs a shallow pan so she does not need to climb over a high barrier to use it, and also should never be expected to use stairs in order to access her litter box. She also needs very fine litter of about a 2-inch depth to minimize pain in her feet.

Since Faith is unable to concentrate her urine, she needs to drink plenty of water. She should have regular blood and urine testing by a veterinarian and may need medication to keep her comfortable. Currently, she is taking a potassium supplement in her food and can be a bit picky with her prescription food. According to her vet, it is more important to keep her eating than to force her to eat a food that she finds unpalatable.

Faith has also had a dental procedure to remove a diseased tooth where crownectomy was performed (the roots are still present and the gum has sutures over them). The rest of her teeth appear to be in good condition.

Faith enjoys petting and limited brushing with a specific type of brush. When she has had enough she will turn to nip you. She does not sit on laps but does enjoys company and will face mark your legs and feet. She will sit on furniture with you but not right next to you. In order to soften her landing from the couch, she has a pillow placed on the floor where she normally gets up and down. She has not had access to cats or dogs, so it is unclear if she will adapt to an environment she needs to share with other pets. She is frail, so the risk of being bullied by younger, more active animals is high.

Despite having had to endure many hardships at the hands of those whom she depended on, Faith is a loving cat who continues to trust people. She deserves to have a happy ending to her life story by being cared for and pampered in her final years.

She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines.

Anyone interested in adopting Faith can stop by Pet Pantry, 26 Millersville Road, in Manor Township, or fill out an application online at The Pet Pantry is open noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call 717-983-8878.


Isabel, a roughly 1-year-old shorthair calico, was still available for adoption at ORCA.

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