Kids running

RunPA Kids will host a Little Trailblazers run at Lancaster County Central Park Pavilion No. 2 on Saturday, May 15.

Kids can participate in 1- or 2-mile races. Terrain is a mix of single track, double track, a little bit of old road and some grass.

The rain-or-shine race is appropriate for kids 12 and under, and parents and guardians may run with their child if they so desire.

Registration is $10 per child. Register by May 8 at There is no fee for a parent who wants to accompany their child during the race.

RunPA, an organization that organizes running events and promotes the sport, was founded in 2016. Jason Logue purchased RunPA in October 2020, and RunPA Kids is an offshoot of the primary organization.

“My one goal was to start my own kids program and introduce and make available the fun and challenging sport of trail running to kids,” Logue writes in an email. “So I started RunPA Kids to accomplish this goal. I too am a trail runner and father of two kids (now 14 and 17) and the runs that they could participate in were very few and in the trail world virtually none.”

Here, Logue answers a few questions via email about kids’ trail running.

What’s the benefit of trail running versus running on a flat track?

Trail running is one of the fastest growing sports. A lot of races unfortunately are for 18 and older so kids don’t necessarily have an opportunity to try out trail running.

Trail running keeps you more focused and challenges coordination, balance and agility as you are ... over rocks, roots and uneven terrain. Trail running also provides better strength training for legs compared to road running.

Do kids need special shoes or gear to participate?

Nothing fancy — just a pair of sneakers with some tread. If they like, which I think they will, then I would recommend getting a solid trail running shoe. There are definitely avenues to get a pair of trail sneakers without buying a brand-new pair and can help. Unlike most sports where you have all this gear to buy, running is a very minimalist sport. You just need a pair of shoes and out you go! The world is yours. Running is also a sport where you’ll find everyone cheering everyone on till they finish. It’s such a positive vibe and something positive is what everybody needs, especially kids.

RunPA has several kids events planned throughout the summer, including fundraising events in partnership with Penn Cinema. For more information, visit

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