Blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles.

I thought of blowing bubbles as soon as I woke up one morning, thinking I could experiment to create a great image. I had hoped to find a bubble bottle with a big wand, but I couldn’t. The wand I found had an opening a little under 3/8-inch in diameter, so it blew small bubbles.

I used a macro lens silhouetted by ceiling light as a backlight to create this image. While I was shooting the bubble, I noticed the water was moving through the soap molecules. It fascinated me when I looked closer.

I also like that the ceiling light and bubble appear similar in size even though they are not, and that the bubble has a textured look.

THE METHOD: Nikon D4s with a Nikon 60 mm micro lens, shutter speed at 1/2500 and aperture at f-5 with ISO of 2500.

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