Oregon Dairy corn maze

A GPS error blurred the design (left) in the 2020 corn maze at Oregon Dairy.

Months ago, Oregon Dairy came up with a sports theme for its 10th anniversary corn maze.

With COVID-19 cancellations, the theme evolved to “Let the Games Begin. Well, Maybe Not.”

Then as the corn grew, it became clear that a computer glitch had altered the design. Still, the maze opens for the season Friday, Sept. 25 and continues through Nov. 1.

The corn maze design starts with a drawing on graph paper, which is turned into a map with GPS coordinates, says Nancy Brown, marketing manager. The map’s uploaded to an iPad and guides the mower on where to cut paths through the 15 acres of corn.

Most of the time, that works just fine.

“If you had seen our previous mazes, it worked spectacularly,” Brown says. “But when you have one that malfunctions, then this is the end result.”

This year’s maze has paths forming a baseball glove, football and other sports equipment. The malfunctioning GPS blurred the design’s details. 

“It just goes with the year,” Brown says. “We’re just going to have fun with it. It’s still a path in a corn maze and they can still come out and have fun.”

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