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Kim O'Donnel in her kitchen with some of the dishes from "The Stay-Put Cookbook." 

Silver linings.

Those are the words that frequently come to mind when I am asked to sum up my 2020. Without question, this sorrowful year has been unlike any other in our collective lifetime. 

And yet, out of the pandemic rubble, many bright spots have emerged. One of them is spending time with you. 

In March, when the coronavirus pandemic brought daily life to a standstill and forced us indoors, we were just as scared and bewildered as you. Hunkered down without an end date in sight, we dusted off our quarantined selves and headed straight for the kitchen. At a time when nothing feels possible, the one thing we know we can do is cook. 

To that end, Stay-Put Cooking was born, a frequent kitchen dispatch with recipes, how-to videos and words of encouragement while we all navigated the uncertainty of this historic time.

To be honest, I needed an escape hatch just as much I thought you might need one. To cook for you and share my stories over these ninth months has been much more than a mood booster; it has been a lifeline.

Food connects us all, even when we are socially distanced. 

A 32-page collection of 16 recipes and gorgeous photos throughout, “The Stay-Put Cookbook” was born out of the eponymous series launched in these pages back in March. You can find it in today's editions of LNP, or you can read it here.

To read the cookbook online, you can click the download PDF button below to save it to your device. You can also click on the PDF to open it in a new tab.

In the kitchen, sometimes we add a pinch of salt to fruit or baked goods to bring out the natural sweetness. Although we can never remove the stink of this rotten year, we hope this gift will soften the edges as we continue to ride out the uncertainty of this unprecedented time.

On behalf of my amazing elf colleagues who helped bring this project to life, we wish you a safe and cozy holiday season. Hang in there, friends. We got this.

P.S. Enter to win a 30-minute Zoom call with yours truly. The winner will be announced Dec. 28. 

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