Viewfinder 091119

Rain is seen over St. Mary's Church on West Vine Street in Lancaster city as a storm starts to roll through, Saturday, June 29, 2019.

It was a beautiful Saturday. Until it wasn’t.

I had just shot photos at a mud sale in Willow Street and was culling through the images back at the office, looking at an easy ending to working the Saturday shift on my birthday, June 29.

I knew there was a storm in the forecast, but didn’t think much of it. And then the National Weather Service in State College issued a thunderstorm warning for Lancaster County that could potentially bring winds of 30 mph.

So, I figured I should grab a weather shot. But, it was my birthday and I was already winding down, so I didn’t want to go too far. I climbed up the stairs to the top floor of the paper’s parking garage and looked around the city.

The clouds were darkening at a rapid pace and the storm was rolling in fast.

The lighting and clouds made it easy to take a dynamic photo, I just had to find the right composition. And that’s when I turned around and saw the rain coming down on St. Mary’s Church.

I grabbed a few shots – some wider, some tighter – and ran back inside, still completely dry.

The storm lasted no more than an hour, and I made a photo that is still the lock-screen image on my phone.

All in all, it was a memorable way to ring in a quarter-century. And who doesn’t like a dramatic storm photo?

The method: Nikon D5 with a 24-70 lens, shot at 24mm, f-8, 1/250 at ISO 2000. Processed in Adobe Photoshop.

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