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Candid shot of Scream in the Dark "victims," taken by a newspaper photographer in 1971.

Last week, we took a dive into LNP's archives to find out as much as we could about Scream in the Dark, the granddaddy of Lancaster County Halloween attractions.

Turns out LancasterOnline readers had a lot to say about their own memories of Scream in the Dark.

Here's what some of you had to say on Facebook and LancasterOnline:

Dianne Shiffer: I worked there for several years, working in the black and white room as an insane person (my friends I am sure feel that was a job fitting me) and I was a dummy one year. I was so cold that someone touched my hand and said, yea she's a dummy. Lot's of fun times working there.

Jeff Landis: Loved the electric chairs. Push the pedal too soon, you shock yourself; too late, your opponent shocks you; simultaneously, you both get shocked! The best part was holding the pedal down after shocking your opponent...they jump up after the first shock and get shocked again when they sit back down. Wonder whatever happened to those chairs?

Ron-Elta Garber: Great thrills!! I went year after year, didn’t want to miss it. My first date with my now husband was at SITD!! He found a way for me to hang on to him!! The cow prod, ouch!!, the monster that appeared from nowhere, the black n white checkered room with strobe lights, the rotating tunnel, banging of doors, clanging of chains, screeching of womens screams of terror........

Teresa Graybill-Millisock: Wow... Loved that place. Kids today will never know the joy of shocking your friends in the butt while waiting to go in.

Susan Cattell Chever: Remember the black and white room and sliding down a sliding board at the end.

Tammy Augello: Scream in the Dark!! Best haunted attraction ever!! No other place touches it!!

Rosalia Oquendo Ortiz: OMG!! It was the best!! Love the electric chair and the checker room

Tracy Stauffer Beck: This was the best haunted attraction ever, I wish it was still open. Never missed a year. I went with many different groups of friends over the years it was there. Such good times.

Russell Kuhn: I "worked" there two years. My best time was being a decrepit butler who just stared at people after exiting the main auditorium.

Dana Chryst: My father took a load of neighborhood kids and friends to Scream in the dark in the back of his company pick up truck! Those were the days!

Theresa Swann: Just thinking about it brought me back to my youth. The friends I went with, how terrified we were. The Black and White Room was the best. Miss those days!

Kelly Clark: This brings back so many memories! We used to go to Scream in the Dark every year. Very late 70's and in the couple of years before it closed for good. That place was so scary and so much fun! I got a bloody nose one year...lost my friends for half of the walk-through another year, hated the electric chair things...once was enough of a shock for me! I wasn't a fan of the really small tunnel parts you had to crawl through, either. But all in all, it was always a fun experience. I do remember some drunk, belligerant people the last time we went, though.

Mark A. Eisenberger: I would have sworn that it was on New Danville Pike first and moved to the Rohrer Mill as it was winding down. Favorite memory is that, on a double date, my girlfriend (now my wife) entered first. At some point the other girl got so scared she jumped on my back and wouldn't let go until we got finished. Anybody else remember the wires that were near the floor and gave you little electrical shocks?

Nancy Morris: OMG I hated those electric chairs...almost as much as I hated the checker room where the guy painted himself in black and white checkers and chased you across the slanted floor!

Karen Becker-Glatfelter: Remember how you had to pick a dark hole to climb into the place? What supreme fun for young teens. Having a near Halloween birthday made the event even better. One time I lost one of my shoes. I told a hovering monster about the lost loafer. He turned into a very kindly human and went back with me to get my shoe.

Jennifer Ernst Wilson: I went once as a middle schooler. I was scared to death and my friends loved it! Do I remember correctly having to crawl through something? I seem to remember it being small and dark and crowded and that part freaked me out! My grown kids laugh when I tell them about going there - to them it must seem pretty tame.

Karen Velez: Went twice back in the 70s, scared the living crap out of me!! I remember stairs that were open and people grabbing at your legs going up them!!

Konrad Fritz: Yes! I remember going to see this my senior year of high school with friends. We drove out from Hershey in my VW bug and on the way back had a blowout!

Katy Conlin: That was the best. I'd go now if they would do it again.

Sherri Groh: I remember having to crawl through the tunnel in complete darkness. Scared me half to death!

Tracey Deiter-Kunes: I remember freaking out crawling through a tunnel that got smaller and smaller and the woman grinding her hand up in a meat grinder. I'm scarred to this day!

Judy Thomas Graham: Oh, my goodness!!! I was the meat grinder lady!!!!! Was I really that scary? I remember my crazy laugh......Long time ago.

Leilani Marchand: I have their "examination table." Bought it at their auction. Still serve food on it by the pool. Tablecloth, of course.

Laura Clare: We were just talking about Scream in the Dark at work today. It was the best My favorite was the black and white room with strobe lights and uneven floor. Got so scared in one of the small rooms that I ran out full speed but it was dark and I should have turned and ran straight into a wall.

John Peris: I met and dated a lot of great gals at that place. And that meat grinder thing was horrifying.

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