A Hempfield native’s Philadelphia restaurant has been called the best pizza place in the country. Now, Pizzaria Beddia is one of the world’s greatest places to eat, says Time magazine.

Time picked Joe Beddia’s restaurant as one of 19 great places to eat in the world. His pizzas are listed along with a restaurant combining Mexican and Indian cuisine in Mexico City, a grilled cheese restaurant in Minneapolis and more.

To compile the list, the magazine asked for recommendations. Times staff evaluated nominees on quality, originality, sustainability, innovation and influence.

When Beddia opened a pizzeria in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, the spot was small, didn’t have a phone and only accepted cash. He made 40 pizzas a day but still attracted long lines. That was before he was named the nation’s best pizza maker by Bon Appetit magazine.

The pizza maker closed shop last year to travel and regroup. This spring he opened a newer version of the pizzeria. The new location is larger. There’s a bar stocked with lots of natural wines. Beddia doesn’t make every last pie. And you can make reservations. Half of the seats are saved for walk-ins.

Beddia shared the news on Instagram Thursday night: "I could think of 100 better places in Philadelphia alone. I will however take the compliment because we have an amazing team that performs and enjoys on the highest level. Photo by the great @iamrandyharris

Bababooey to yooey"