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James Dobson is interviewed by LNP at the Eden Resort in 2018. He will offer the keynote prayer during National Day of Prayer on Thursday.

James Dobson, founder of Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, will offer the keynote prayer address at Thursday’s National Day of Prayer.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions limiting large gatherings, this year’s event, originally scheduled to be held at Stone Gables Estate near Elizabethtown, instead will be livestreamed on LancasterNDP.org and Facebook at 7 p.m.

Joining Dobson and his wife, Shirley,  will be Aaron House, executive director of Piercing Word Ministries; Charles Billingsley, worship leader, concert artist and speaker; the One-A-Chord Community Choir, directed by Amy Fennimore; hymnwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty; Kurt Weaver, of the Pennsylvania Family Institute; Lt. Col. the Rev. Grover DeVault, retired U.S. Army chaplain; the Rev. Phil Hernandez, pastor of In the Light Ministries;  David Abel, founder of DAS Companies and Brittany's Hope, a nonprofit aiding abandoned children; and the Rev. Carter Conlon, senior pastor, Times Square Church.

Dobson is a psychologist who founded Focus on the Family in 1977 before stepping down in 2010 when he established Family Talk, a nonprofit ministry that uses biblical principles to support marriage, family and child development.

In a commentary posted to the Christian Broadcasting Network prior to Easter, Dobson compared the fear of the pandemic today to that of what followers of Jesus faced on that first Easter.

“To those of you who are overwhelmed by the cares of life right now and are burdened by the weight of the world during this season of uncertainty, I urge you to look to the risen Christ. He is our eternal hope!”

Dobson was in Lancaster in June 2018 to meet with the Family Talk board of directors.

In an interview with LNP prior to that meeting, he discussed the growing divide in this country over political and social issues.

In that interview, he expressed hope that people in this country could find common ground on issues, but acknowledged how difficult that is when it comes to abortion or same-sex marriage — issues on which he said he is unwilling to compromise.

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