On June 19, "Music Friday," Music for Everyone is getting ready to rev up their trucks again.

Following last month's debut of "Keys on the Move," which featured musicians Tuck Ryan and Josh Kanusky performing live on the back of a flatbed truck driving around Lancaster city, the experiment is returning again from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. And in true MFE fashion, the second round is even bigger.

According to MFE assistant executive director Brendan Stengle, the first go-round had too ambitious a route, which allowed the truck to make it to all four quadrants of the city, but not to as many neighborhoods as the organization had hoped. To make sure the proper amount of ground, Music for Everyone is deploying three trucks this time around.

On the first truck, Tuck Ryan returns again to pound the piano keys in the face of perpetual motion, joined by drummer Jackson Trout and bassist Caden Myers. On the second is Americana favorites Dillweed, who recently notched over 100 shows performed via livestream since the start of COVID-19. Lastly, Emmanuel Nsingani, who earlier this year won "Best Jazz Artist" award at the inaugural Central PA Music Hall of Fame, will be on the third truck.

Nsingani's truck will also double as a co-production of Church World Services in celebration of World Refugee Day.

Additionally, Music for Everyone encourages the musicians of the city to participate in "Porchfest" from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., to make music of their own.

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