Keisha Finnie's MFE mural

A photo of Keisha Finnie's most recent mural, created for Music for Everyone and located on the outside of the Penn Square Garage on Duke Street in downtown Lancaster.

Break out your record players - Music for Everyone is dropping singles beginning in April.

"Songs for Justice," the newest initiative from the Lancaster non-profit, will pair local musicians performing original songs on the A-side, with local leaders and community members reading famous civil and human rights speeches on the B-side.

The first single, featuring the music of Terian Mack and a reading from Thaddeus Stevens by former Pennsylvania Department of Education Secretary Pedro Rivera, is slated for release on April 4, Stevens' date of birth.

Over the next two years, Music for Everyone will release ten of these records over the course of the next two years, centered on specific historical dates. Each release will benefit a different local organization, and Music for Everyone will provide up to 100 copies of each record to the corresponding business.

“A major component of our mission is to leverage the power of music to build community. And the persistence of inequality and injustice for any of our community members harms us all. Thus, we feel a responsibility to try to do something more than simply write a statement on social justice,” said John Gerdy, founder and executive director of MFE, in a press release. “There will be bumps in the road as we likely won’t get everything exactly right but we intend to learn from and continue to improve the process and product with each new release.”

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