maya de vitry

Maya de Vitry, in a promotional photo for her "Adaptations" album. 

Maya de Vitry, songwriter and Lancaster native, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming solo album. 

The campaign runs through Nov. 26. As of Thursday evening, a little over $6,300 was raised of de Vitry's $20,000. Per Kickstarter's terms and conditions, the project must be fully funded for de Vitry to receive the donations. 

De Vitry rose to prominence on the national and international folk scenes in the trio the Stray Birds, which also included two other Lancaster County natives, Oliver Craven and Charlie Muench. In July 2018, the Stray Birds announced its “incredibly difficult but truly healthy” decision to disband, and cancelled a planned tour.

De Vitry released her debut solo album "Adaptations" in January. Her forthcoming sophomore solo record, "How to Break a Fall," was largely written while de Vitry worked as a barista in Nashville. 

"I'm exploring a loss of balance, and reimagining some of the stories that become embedded in us in such invisible and powerful ways," de Vitry wrote on the campaign's page. 

The album has already been recorded, and was recorded over eight days with producer/guitarist Dan Knobler, engineer Jacob Blumberg, guitarist Courtney Hartman, keyboardist Ben Tanner, bassist Ethan Jodziewicz and drummer Jason Burger. If the project is funded, de Vitry plans to release the record in early 2020.

Click here to learn more about de Vitry's Kickstarter campaign.