Brett Myers, center, will be bringing his Magic and Wonder Show to the site of the former Rainbow's Comedy Playhouse in April. Cast include, from left, Boston Bachert, Kacie Phipps, Myers, Labrina Myers and Rachel Wolin. (Connor Murph white)


The abrupt closing of Rainbow‘s Comedy Playhouse in August surprised just about everyone,  including customers and performers in Lancaster County.

While the reasons for the closing are still unknown - nobody's talking - the theater will become The Magic and Wonder Theater, with magician Brett Myers at the helm.

He currently performs the “Magic and Wonder Show” at Bird-in-Hand Stage. The Christmas show opens Nov. 6 and runs through the end of the year.

.Myers will start leasing the building on  January 1, 2020. It  is owned by James and Tina Cosgrove, who also own the Revere Tavern,  located in front of the theater on Route 30 East.

"The plan is we take possession on January 1 and then we renovate for three months," Myers says. "The official opening is April 8, 2020.

"Basically we will be doing 225 shows next year. It will start in April, and we will end the season in December," he says. "We will do five to eight shows  a week throughout the year."

Myers has signed a three-year lease.

The shows feature Myers, his wife  and fellow magicians, Labrina, and  a cast of well trained illusionists.

"The  most exciting thing is we get to expand and create what we want to create," says Myers. "We are not limited by stage size or ceiling height. We will be able to create an immersive show."

He plans to increase the size of his staff.

Myers is especially excited that his wife will  be to do aerial acrobatics, something she couldn’t do at Bird-in-Hand because the ceiling was too low.

“Yes, she’ll be able to do Cirque-du-Soleil style circus arts,” Myers says.

“Beyond that, we would love to incorporate larger productions, some day bring a helicopter on stage or something grand like that.”

Myers had never been inside the building before he started looking to lease it.

"It's  amazing," he says. “There are four tiers in the building. Because of the set up of the space, we are putting 400 seats in there. It will be good seating where ever you go. “

But Myers isn’t planning  to serve ford, at least not for several years.

“We’ve got enough of a challenge moving ‘Magic and Wonder’

"It's very tempting to offer food, but for the first two years we won't be," he says. "We’ve got enough of a challenge moving ‘Magic and Wonder.’ We will be offering meal packages with Bird-in-Hand Family restaurant and the Revere Tavern.

Myers is grateful to Bird-in-Hand Stage for the opportunity to “bring something new to Lancaster County. “Our partnership was a wonderful thing but we’ve outgrown our space.We found ourselves constantly selling out, especially on weekends,  and we couldn’t meet demands.”

In taking on the former Rainbow theater, Myers wanted to make sure people who were not able to get refunds for their tickets from Rainbow weren’t left out in the cold.

Call 717-323-3077 or e-mail to reserve free seats for  a Magic and Wonder show in 2020.

“A lot of people were hurt and some lost hundreds of dollars in ticket purchases. We have no association with Rainbow other than occupying the same building,” Myers says. “We would be honored for people who lost money to be our guests.”