Two art exhibits, “Protection” and “Africanisms,” at Millersville University’s Ware Center in downtown Lancaster explore Black History Month.

The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition partnered with artists Kearasten Jordan and Pilisa Mackey on a multimedia mural called “Protection,” on display in the Lyet Lobby and visible from Prince Street. The exhibit features pieces from the 2020 Lancaster protests against police brutality, and collaborations with local artists Keisha Finnie, Adam Serrano and Kaya Hobbs, and Safe-House Lancaster staff and SafeBuds. The exhibit was the first produced through the coalition’s WPOC Artist Mentorship Program, which pairs young artists of color with community mentors.

Gerri McCritty’s exhibit “Africanisms” is displayed in the Regitz Gallery and is available by appointment only. The exhibit is a collection of paintings and sculptures by Mc-Critty, who co-owns PAVAA Gallery of Lancaster. Africanism refers to the belief that Black Africans and their culture should predominate in Africa.

“My ‘Africanisms’ exhibition are creations stemming from my West African roots, Liberia, West Africa. I want to show that no matter where we Africans are in any part of the world, our culture is always fused among other cultures. Our culture exists within us, and we can teach others who want to learn — through art,” McCritty said in a news release from the Ware Center.

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