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Annamarie Lapp of LoKal Experiences dishes up chicken potpie.

Food brings people together. Tomorrow the Amish and Refugee of Lancaster Lunch offers a menu that features Pennsylvania Dutch food made by Amish families as well as food from all over the world made by refugees living in Lancaster County.

LoKal Experiences, a company that specializes in offering Lancaster-based experiences, and Bridge, an organization which shares culture from all over the world, came together to host a uniquely Lancaster event.

‘This is the only place in the world where something like this can happen,” says Phil Lapp, a founder of LoKal Experiences. “The Amish and refugees represent the diversity of what makes Lancaster special.”

The event takes place between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. There will be a short time before the meal to share stories about local and international culture and guitar music after the meal.

“We’re finding that we have to cross-pollinate the city and the county and create something that shows the world what it means to embrace people that are not like us,” says Lapp.

There’s a limited number of tickets left to the Amish and Refugee Lunch. More information and tickets, which start at $55, can be purchased by calling LoKal Experience’s toll-free number 833-565-2539 or by emailing