Wolfgang Candy Company, one of America's oldest family-owned chocolate companies, introduces a new product line called Wolfgang Farmer's Fair, and Lebanon Levi of "Amish Mafia" television fame will help launch it next week at the NCA Sweets & Snacks Candy Expo in Chicago.

Andy Jacobs, president of the York company, is not only a fan of "Amish Mafia," but lives in Lancaster County and has become acquainted with Lebanon Levi, according a press release.

The launch of the Farmer's Fair line marks a return to Wolfgang's early 20th-century roots, when their Pennsylvania Dutch-style confections were created in the kitchen of the Wolfgang family home and sold by the Wolfgang children in farmers' markets in York, Hanover, Harrisburg, Columbia and Lancaster.

"The Pennsylvania Dutch style entails handcrafting our products in small batches utilizing locally sourced and fresh ingredients," CEO Ben McGlaughlin says.

"Since Wolfgang Farmer's Fair is produced in the Pennsylvania Dutch style, and the company history is closely tied to the Lancaster Market, the opportunity to have our friend, Lebanon Levi from Lancaster County, help introduce this product line made great sense," Jacobs explains.

Farmer's Fair Products will include milk and dark chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate animal crackers and milk chocolate mini graham crackers and will be packed in brown craft-style reusable bags.

The Farmer's Fair line will be introduced at the 2013 NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago May 21-23.

Levi will meet and greet Expo attendees in Wolfgang Candy Booth No. 1759 on Wednesday, May 22, between 2-4 p.m.