Hanukkah began Thursday night for thousands of Jews in Lancaster County, but the celebrations likely won’t look the same this year thanks to the pandemic.

Instead, Rabbi Elazar Green, along with his wife, Shira, helped bring the holiday to students and alumni at Franklin & Marshall College.

Green and his wife are the spiritual advisors and organizers at Rohr Chabad in Lancaster, which serves as a gathering spot and community for Jews who attend Franklin & Marshall College.

In previous years, members of Rohr Chabad secured metal menorahs on their vehicles and paraded around the college’s campus and celebrated the holiday with gatherings and meals.

This year, Green and Shira offered menorahs to students and alumni who wanted or needed one. As of Wednesday, Green said he’s sent out and delivered more than 40 menorahs, to as far as California and Texas to down the street in Lancaster.

“It’s not Hanukkah without the students,” Green said he and his wife thought. “We must do something for them; we must do something with them.”

For more information about Rohr Chabad, visit jewishenrichment.com

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