Anabaptist History Today

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, along with 15 collaborating organizations in the United States and Canada, have announced the launch of Anabaptist History Today, a storytelling platform that invites individuals to share experiences of everyday life in 2020.

Anabaptist History Today was co-created by Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society’s executive director Jean Kilheffer Hess and Mennonite Church USA’s director of archives Jason Kauffman.

The pair were inspired to create a storytelling platform after finding little material archived about Mennonite life during the global pandemic of 1918.

“Organizations across the country have launched similar storytelling projects, but we wanted to do something that was specific to the Anabaptist community,” Kauffman said in a news release.

In addition to capturing Mennonite life during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kilheffer Hess and Kauffman have long-term goals for the platform, including fostering collaboration in storytelling and conservation work between organizations.

“I’m excited about the ways this project can emphasize community, build connections across distance and conserve history for the future,” Kilheffer Hess said.

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